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6 Signs That You Might Need a Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are all about saving rather than extracting a tooth.

This form of dental surgery focuses on removing decayed matter and dealing with any inflammation that has developed.

There are several commons signs that a root canal might be in order.

While each of these signs can also indicate the need for a different type of dental treatment, your dentist will know how to evaluate your condition and determine what kind of procedure is best in your case.

woman in red needing a root canal, holding pain


6 Signs That You Might Need a Root Canal Treatment

Suddenly Sensitive teeth

Your teeth have never been particularly sensitive in the past.

Lately, you notice that one or more teeth seem to be highly sensitive when you drink hot or cold beverages.

The pain doesn’t last long, but it’s coming from a specific tooth or set of teeth rather than your entire mouth.

Along with being irritating, the sensitivity could mean you need to talk with a dentist about a root canal treatment in Markham.

dental sample showing root canal in red

Swelling and Tenderness Along the Gums

Perhaps you haven’t noticed any sensitivity, but the gum tissue under one or two teeth do seem to be slightly swollen and a little tender.

Even tracing your tongue over the gum is enough to trigger a little discomfort.

You also notice that the tissue seems to be a little warmer than the rest of the gum.

Take that as a sign to see your dentist like this one from  

Depending on the origin, you might need a root canal or some other form of dental surgery.

Pain When You Chew

Everything seems to be fine until you sit down for a meal.

As you bite and begin to chew, the action causes pain to ripple through that part of the mouth.

It’s not all that noticeable when you are consuming soft foods, but you can tell the difference when it comes to chewing meats and similar foods.

After an exam, your dentist may decide you are a candidate for a root canal treatment in Markham.

Pain Whenever Any Pressure is Applied

It’s not just when you chew food.

There’s also a problem when any pressure is applied to the tooth.

For example, you have started chewing gum on the opposite side of the mouth to avoid triggering any pain.

If yougrind your teeth while sleeping, the pain is enough to awaken you quickly.

This sign calls for a visit to your dentist.

teenager sitting in dental chair

Darkening of the Tooth

Did you know that there may not be any pain present, and you still need a root canal?

One sign is a tooth that seems darker than the rest.

That’s because there is some decay or deterioration below the surface of the tooth.

Even if you are not feeling any discomfort, that tooth needs to be examined.

In the best-case scenario, some form of dental surgery will be enough to save the tooth.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Inflammation under a tooth or even tooth decay does create additional stress on your immune system.

As your body’s natural defenses respond to the presence of decay or the infection causing the inflammation, there’s a good chance that your lymph nodes will swell.

While you may attribute the swelling to something else, there’s a good chance it has to do with a dental issue.

Remember that your dentist is the one who can assess your condition and determine what type of treatment would work best.

That includes determining if a root canal treatment is what you need.

Don’t delay that visit to the dentist.

Choosing to put off diagnosis and treatment will only lead to more discomfort and possibly other complications you want to avoid.

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