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5 Ways to Combat Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is critical to the healing process as it helps fight off viruses, bacteria, and other invaders, making people unwell.

However, when triggered on a regular basis, chronic inflammation can lead to serious diseases like heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and cancer.

Fortunately, you can reduce inflammation in several ways, including the five shown below.

woman in plaid shirt laying down with red heating pad on stomach to combat chronic inflammation

Eat a Healthy Diet

A diet that contains fresh fruits and vegetables is going to help heal your body.

By limiting any foods that easily metabolize into sugar and exchanging bad fats for good fats, you can quickly reduce the inflammation that occurs due to diet.

Processed foods, especially those laden with sugar or that use white flour, increase inflammation, leading to arthritic pain and other problems with your health. Limit eating starchy vegetables as well as they quickly metabolize into sugar.

Stay Hydrated

Exposure to toxic substances can trigger chronic inflammation, but a good way to counteract their effect is to drink water.

Water flushes toxins from your system as they move through the liver and kidneys. It also cleans out the bowels, which can also help eliminate toxins from your body.

Some of the toxins most people are exposed to include pesticides, air pollution, heavy metals, mold, and chemicals you use around the house to clean. While exposure may be limited, it can build up and cause inflammation throughout your body.

Use Ginger Oil

Essential oils have many uses, including medicinal ones like reducing chronic inflammation.

The experts at say one of the ginger oil benefits is its ability to reduce inflammation because it contains an anti-inflammatory compound called zingibain.

Take a drop or two of the oil orally every day to help with headaches, backaches, or menstrual cramps from inflammation.

Ginger oil can also be rubbed directly on aching joints or sore muscles to help ease the pain associated with chronic inflammation.

Manage Your Stress

Most people have a lot of stress in their lives between work, family, and social responsibilities.

Unfortunately, stress is a trigger for inflammation, as confirmed by several research studies.

Stress can cause or worsen many medical conditions.

Some of the diseases caused by stress are depression, cancer, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases like anxiety disorders or Alzheimer’s Disease, explains

Fortunately, by meditating, doing yoga, or other stress-reducing activities, you can reduce the chances of getting these conditions.

Daily Exercise

It is important to keep the body in motion to decrease inflammation, including keeping your bodily functions working as they should.

Getting daily exercise keeps lymph fluids pumping normally, and it helps to boost blood circulation.

Ensuring that the muscles, tissues, and organs receive fresh blood reduces metabolic debris and supplies nutrients to inflamed joints and tissues.

Going for daily walks and stretching can help reduce chronic inflammation and keep your body healthier.

It is important to learn how to combat chronic inflammation to reduce your risk of developing serious diseases.

Even if you have type II diabetes, cardiac disease, and other serious medical conditions that run in your family, following these tips can help reduce the risk of developing them.

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