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5 Tips to a Happier and Healthier New You!

For Cycle House fitness guru and head spin instructor Nichelle Hines, staying fit and healthy is a way of life.  While many think getting in shape is impossible, Nichelle’s five simple steps can change even the laziest person’s view.

happier healthier new you

Nichelle’s DIY Steps to a healthy lifestyle:


At least 8 hours of sleep a night! Your weight is directly related to how much rest you get. With 8 hours of sleep, a night cortisol and stress levels decrease while your energy level increases! Get good sleep.

2. It’s True, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Eat a healthy breakfast with a mix of complex carbohydrates, protein and fat! (eat the yolk, it’s the least of your fat concerns!) Nichelle’s personal favorite: whole wheat English muffin, egg, turkey bacon, and low-fat cheese with an apple. It will sustain you until lunch!

3. Interval training:

Keep your heart rate guessing by mixing it up. Slow, quick, slow, quick is my motto- always pushes your limits and forces the mind and body to engage and adapt. No matter the exercise, you can always practice this to keep the body on its toes and always burning.

4. See ya, Sweeteners:

No more artificial sweeteners! Sure, they give you a fake sugar fix, but they keep you craving sweets, and your body does not know how to process them. Please keep it simple and natural. You probably shouldn’t put it in your temple if you can’t pronounce it.

5. Finally… Hydrate!!!

So often, when our body thinks it’s hungry, we’re thirsty. Stay up on your H2O- stay low in weight! If I’m really craving juice (which is rare- high in sugar), I do half water, half juice= half the calories!

Bonus Tip

*Always take a moment (10 minutes if you’ve got the time, but a moment or two will do in a pinch) to calm down, breathe, smile and have a peaceful, grateful thought. It always centers the body and promotes positive decision making at any time in your day!

These are a few suggestions you can implement today and EVERY DAY to help make your spring the healthiest, happiest and most productive one you’ve ever had!

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