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Sock Ons Review

Sock Ons are the inventors of clever little baby accessories that make parenting a little easier. Keeping socks on babies feet is no simple task. Little kick, tug at the toes, and they’re off! Sock Ons are clever little things that keep those socks on. The garment is worn over the sock and ‘locks’ it into place with a patent-pending design.

Sock Ons

Sock Ons have been invented by a mum of five little boys who always lost their socks!  And haven’t all moms been there – with many little orphaned baby socks?  Sometimes, these losses are chalked up to my poor laundering skills, but there have been many occasions when I have taken the baby to the store with two socks and have returned with only one sock-clad baby foot.  I know that our church has more than one baby sock that belongs to a pair of ours.  My mother-in-law has, on more than one occasion, returned a sock – only days after I have thrown out its pair.  I often see baby socks lying on the sidewalk on our daily walks around the neighborhood.  Babies lose socks!  But no more with Sock Ons.  These clever little things keep a baby’s socks on!  Resembling something like a ‘sock jacket’, Sock Ons slip on over the sock and ‘locks’ it into place. The design lies in the fact that if the sock is pulled from the toes, the sock gets locked into the hole around the heel, thus preventing it from slipping off. The cut-outs for the toe and heel keep the sock locked so that no amount of tugging or pulling will allow that sock to fly into oblivion.

sock ons logo

Sock Ons come in a wide variety of colors too, so parents can match the Sock Ons to the outfit or create a cute color combination perfect for any outfit.  There are even Sneaker Sock Ons that look like little miniature sneakers on baby’s stockinged feet without the harm that real sneakers can cause to baby.

Sock Ons come in a variety of colors

Sock Ons Come in a Variety of Colors

Sock Ons have been awarded the baby industry’s most coveted prize for innovation. Sock Ons are an ingenious and trendy solution to a very annoying problem and are quickly becoming a necessary item that no baby (or sane parent) can do without!

Sock ons are a simple yet highly effective solution to the problem of keeping socks on!

*I received Sock Ons in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
Lauralee Saad loves homeschooling her three kiddos: Ballerina, age 8, Big Boy, age 6, and MESS, age 3.  She enjoys sewing when she can find a spare corner to set up her machine and dig out fabrics, cooking and baking – especially if the kiddos are helping, and enjoying a good book after the kiddos have gone to bed.  She is thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl into the family in March of 2012.
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