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5 Remedies for the Summer Cold

A Cold is a Virus that is Prevalent During EVERY Season, Including SUMMER

Back in 1987 I graduated high school, caught a plane, landed in Miami, Florida and earned a living as a nanny. It was a great time and truly an experience that helped me mature and learn about myself and living with other people, beyond my family. It was also the first time I experienced a Summer Cold and we’re talking mis-er-able.

I had no idea Colds came in June. I know how I got it…it was going out into the humid heat and returning to the dry, climate controlled, air-conditioned house or car. There was also an acclimation to elevation. Either way, it was a miserable few weeks while I sniffled and snuffed and dealt with the icky symptoms.

Be smarter than me. Plan ahead and use these five tips/remedies for the Summer Cold.

Remedies for the Summer Cold

1) Make sure you drink a lot of Vitamin C. Vitamin C will help shorten the length of a cold. Try drinking cold drinks such as orange juice or grapefruit juice


2) Pick up a pack Kids-EEZE soft chews. They target coughs and sinus congestion, the main symptoms of a cold or hay fever.  It comes in delicious summer flavors like grape!


3) Try using a humidifier. These are great in the summer time because they do not add any additional heat to the room and it cleanses the air.


4) Honey is one of the best remedies if you’re having a sore throat along with a cold. Try adding honey to every day meals such as pancakes or to your ice tea.


5) Get plenty of rest. Whether you are sick or not, a good night’s sleep will always improve a person’s overall health.



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