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5 Amazing Ways You Can Slice Down Your Pizza Cost

If anything hasn’t changed during this pandemic and international upheaval, it has to be our cravings for delicious food.

Now that majority of the places are opening up, and lockdown restrictions are being lifted in many areas, you can enjoy your favorite meal while keeping yourself safe and secure.

One of the most foods that we have missed during the last few weeks is Pizza.

Pizzas are a wholesome meal with everything just right in proportion.

You do want to have that delicious, mouth-watering slice of Pizza, don’t you?

Well, we know how difficult the last few months have been for you!

So, here’s the deal, you can reward yourself with your favorite Pizza at some of the lowest prices.

Whether you like the Cheese-burst Pizza of Domino’s US or the Meat lover’s pizza from Pizza Hut, you can avail any of them (or all of them) at amazing deals.

These brands have come up with some fantastic deals and offers for its pizzas and other food items.

Let’s check them out.

pepperoni and cheese pizza with slice pulled out a little bit from pie

Best deals available on major Pizza brands

Mix and Match offer at Dominos US for $5.99 per Pizza.

Pizza and Stuffed Donut holes from Papa John’s for $15.

25% discount on Regular pizzas at Papa John’s.

25% discount on orders worth more than $20 on signing up for Papa Murphy.

The Pizza Hut Game Plan is for all NFL lovers with a flair of Pizza Hut food items.

Let us look at the different ways to slice down your pizza cost.

Pizzas are one of the most favorite food items for people, and this quarantine has only made us understand the importance of fast food items.

Now the ways to avail of discount on your final pizza offers are as follows-

Try opting for more home deliveries rather than takeaways.

Now that the Pizza companies are bracing up for the after-lockdown effects, it is important that you go through all the deals and offers that are being put up.

Most of the various offers offered by Domino’s US, Papa John’s, or Olive Garden provide significant price slashes for home deliveries.

For instance, take Papa John’s offer of availing two Toppings pizzas at a mouth-watering price of $22.

The offer is strictly available for Home delivery orders placed through their respective websites and mobile apps.

Opting for combo meals

Pizza companies will lure you with their mouth-watering offers and deals.

You need to understand that no matter what their business idea behind this is, you will be at a profit because of the lesser prices and more food items that would find their way to your platter.

In case the offers don’t seem to lure you, you can also opt for combo deals.

Yes, combo deals are one of the most economical when you want to eat more and spend less.

Well, that’s the dream of many people.

For instance, you can check out Pizza Hut’s fantastic deal, which provides Chicken wings, beverages, pasta, and some side food items at a 30% discount.

This deal is undoubtedly going to gain momentum among the combo food lovers.

Using discounts and coupon codes

The major pizza houses like Dominos-US, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, etc., offer promo codes and coupons that can be applied at the customer’s payment gateway to avail of some cost-effective deals.

The Pizza houses themselves more or less supply the coupon codes, but some excellent websites offer efficient coupon codes, and they do work.

The customers are happy with them, and that’s why they are gaining all the fame nowadays.

According to Zouton, searching for coupons can be a lot of problems when you are just craving your favorite food item; these sites will help you with their coupon codes and some exclusive deals and offers that you are going to love.

fresh pizza on counter ready to be sliced with pizza cutter

Let’s check out a few major deals offered by Pizza makers-

2 Pizzas for $10.99 through Domino’s Double deal

This offer is one of the forerunners of the best ways to cut your pizza costs while ordering from Domino’s US.

This deal is available for both new and existing customers in Domino’s US.

The agreement applies to two large 2-topping Pizza. One can choose the toppings from Ham, sausage, bacon, and other assorted veggies.

Valid for both new and existing users.

Payment via credit/debit cards, net banking, PayPal, etc. is available.

The offer is available in selected locations, which currently excludes New York.

Apply coupon code 5315 at the time of payment getaway for availing of this discount.

Delicious Topping Pizzas for $22 at Papa John’s

Using this deal, the users can order two different pizzas at an attractive price of $22.

The first Pizza can be a specialty pizza, and the other can be a 2-topping pizza.

This offer is a Godsend for all those who are tired of enjoying the same Cheese pizza and now want something new for their taste buds.

You can combine two of your favorite toppings and treat yourself to a Speciality pizza that was too costly for you earlier.

With the price of $22, it has become affordable and even more delicious.

This quarantine has significantly affected our mental health (Harvard).

We cannot be with our loved ones and in places we love.

We must take care of our food cravings, and especially the Pizza love must be satiated.

Dominos US continuously brings out attractive and economic deals for all its customers.

You can avail of one of the best pizzas, covered with delicious toppings at mouth-watering prices from Dominos-US.

These were the different ways you could slice down your pizza costs.

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