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4 Tips for Puppy Training

Master puppy training with expert tips! Discover effective methods for a well-behaved pup. 

Puppy Training can be somewhat difficult, but you can do it if you use these tips. The main reason that people have problems with their puppies merely is that the dogs are not properly trained. This can lead to all sorts of issues and could even cause someone to think that they cannot handle having a dog when the reality is that they would be fine if they put in the time to train it and get it to learn to behave properly. These tips will help you get started, no matter what type of puppy you have.

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4 Tips for Puppy Training

1. Be strict when it is required.
A puppy is not like a human. It is not going to be angry with you if you are strict. You have to be firm with the dog if it is going to understand what you mean and listen to you fully. Make sure that you are strict when the dog is bad, and it will learn much faster.

2. Use positive reinforcement.
That being said, puppies do learn the best from positive reinforcement. When the puppy does the right thing and goes outside, you need to give him or her a treat. Soon, the dog will start thinking of this reward first, and it will do everything in its power to get the reward again. This is the mindset that you want.

3. Be consistent.
If you are not consistent, you are going to have problems. Dogs really value habits, and they are always trying to figure out what you are thinking and meaning based on your actions. If you scold the dog one time when he goes inside and not the next time, he is not going to know if he is allowed to do it or not. Of course, it is always easier for people to remember to be strict when the dog does something wrong, but you also have to be consistent with the rewards and positive reinforcement.

4. Be patient.
Remember that it is going to take time for the puppy to learn. When they are very young, they do not even have enough physical control over their muscles, even if they know what they are supposed to do, so you are just helping them build up that control. You have to be patient and work hard at it, and you will be able to train the puppy.

If you have children, with these tips you can easily include your children in puppy training making it a family affair.

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