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4 Tips from the Pros: Is It a Wise Idea to Do Plumbing Work on Your Own?

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If you want to replace a faucet or clear a blockage in your toilet these are jobs that you could conceivably tackle yourself if you have a bit of DIY experience and the right tools, but it is wise to know your limits.

4 Tips from the Pros: Is It a Wise Idea to Do Plumbing Work on Your Own?

Here is a look at some examples where a call to a professional would be a better idea than rolling up your sleeves and having a go yourself.

Don’t get involved with gas problems

If you were to rank the most dangerous plumbing problems in order, it is highly likely that almost every plumber would tell you that gas leaks are the number one threat to safety.

If you smell gas or suspect there is a potential gas leak you should make plans to vacate your home as soon as possible and avoid using any electronic items until a professional has properly evaluated the situation.

For the sake of safety, it is important to understand that even a minor gas leak in your home could have disastrous consequences and a gas line repair is not something you should even think about fixing yourself.

It requires knowledge and experience to deal with a gas leak problem in your home.

Replacing a pipe

While it is crystal clear that gas leaks are not a job for amateurs it is not so simple when evaluating whether to have a go at replacing a pipe in your plumbing system that has been damaged or is leaking.

Pipe replacement is a task that can be straightforward but the problem to consider is that if something goes wrong or you don’t have the right tools and replacement items for the job it could soon turn into a DIY disaster.

With pipe replacement jobs, there might be some welding required if it doesn’t go as well as hoped, and your new pipework might not last as long compared to having it replaced by a professional.

Doing some remodeling

Adding a new bathroom is a typical remodeling task that some DIY enthusiasts might feel empowered to have a go at themselves and this means that you might want to install a new toilet or faucet.

Water escaping into your property can quickly escalate into a major repair issue with the damage it can cause, so you will want to be confident that you comprehend what is involved and know how to add new water intakes and drains, etc.

If you are nervous about your ability to do this work, it might be best to call a pro instead.

A job that stinks

You can soon notice a sewage problem but many plumbers will politely suggest that this is not a repair job that you should be too keen to have a go at yourself.

The main problem is that you could easily cause more damage while trying to repair pipework and you could even damage underground gas and electric cables.

You shouldn’t be dissuaded from having a go at some plumbing jobs but it also pays to appreciate when it might be better to call in a professional.

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