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4 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Winter Pregnancy

Pregnancy doesn’t always wait for a convenient season. Really, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who started expecting around March, you’re going to be pregnant during the crisp winter months at some point. And while it’s enough for many to simply break out their winter coats, scarves, and hats, there are certain considerations and precautions you should take to have a happy, healthy winter pregnancy.

4 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Winter Pregnancy

While the impulse might be to stow away indoors and never leave the comfort of your bed (honestly, not a bad impulse), chances are you’ll be forced outside at some point during the winter. With that in mind, here are four tips for staying healthy, happy, and comfortable.

See a Chiropractor

Cold weather can cause muscles and tendons to feel stiff and tense, and the added stress of navigating slick sidewalks doesn’t help. Compound that with the fact that, during pregnancy, most women experience discomfort due to hormonal and postural changes, and you’ve got a recipe for back and neck pain. To counter this, get back pain relief today from a chiropractor, who can offer gentle, comfortable treatment and tips on posture.

4 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Winter Pregnancy

Stay Active… the Right Way

As mentioned, you might feel the impulse to laze away your days, but, as you might have guessed, that isn’t the healthiest thing for you or the baby. It could be as simple as going for a swim every once in a while, walking on the treadmill, exercising on an elliptical, or doing yoga in your living room – anything to stay active safely and gently. You can even partake in winter sports; avoid anything where you might bump your abdomen (i.e., downhill skiing is an obvious no-go). As for the snow shoveling: that’s what your partner is for!

Be Prepared for the Weather

A winter pregnancy isn’t the time for heels. Instead, wear flats or, preferably, boots with treads, and consider buying crampons – those nifty traction nets you can attach to your shoes for better grip. This is all in service of avoiding slips and falls. Of course, if the weather is mainly inclement, the best preventative measure for falls is to stay indoors. Whatever errand you need to run is not as important as your safety, and whatever appointment you might be missing will surely understand.

Follow these tips for a more comfortable winter pregnancy.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

Winter weather can be dry, as can the heated homes where one takes refuge. And when the weather outside is biting, sometimes the last thing you want to do is drink a cold glass of water. But it would be best if you stay hydrated. Refer to this article on Being the Parent for how much water you should drink during pregnancy and, if need be, set up a timer to remind you to drink water. If you want a hot drink, consider herbal tea.

Remember to be safe, avoid any risky activities and stay proactive about pain relief. Follow these tips for a more comfortable winter pregnancy.

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