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4 Housewarming Gift Ideas

Buying a home is a whirlwind experience full of highs and lows.

Once the perfect abode has been chosen and moved into, many people like to celebrate with a party says Marie Claire.

If unsure what to get, do not worry.

There are plenty of thoughtful gifts out there for anyone who wants to give something special to a proud new homeowner.

Couple inviting friend at there new house. People attending friend's housewarming party.

Kitchen Accessories

For people whose passion is cooking, the kitchen is the pride of their home.

Even people who do not cook often enjoy having an attractive kitchen.

The options are nearly endless when looking at funky utensils like custom tongs or personalized cutting boards.

Durable wall hangings are also a good choice for the kitchen.

They can be personalized or contain the recipient’s favorite quotation or animal.

Wine Rack

Even amateur wine connoisseurs appreciate a good wine rack.

If the space is small, holders can be purchased that stand on a shelf or table and can hold four or five bottles.

Larger racks that sit on the floor or are mounted onto the wall can hold twenty or more bottles.

With materials ranging from wood to metal to plastic, there is something out there to suit everyone’s style.


Suddenly owning an entire house complete with a front and back yard can be overwhelming for the person who would love a fantastic landscape but does not know where to start.

Planters are easy to manage and provide a great starting point for a new gardener.

Some models come with self-watering systems, making it even simpler to maintain a healthy plant indoors or outdoors.

They come in a variety of colors and materials.

Normally round, planters can also come shaped like animals, geometric shapes, or even people.


It is always a good idea to have basic tools around in case of emergencies.

A tool kit makes for a wonderful gift to someone who does not have tools of their own and needs to start taking care of things around the house.

If they already have some tools, then try to find out what they are lacking.

If all else fails, a gift card to a local hardware store will allow them to grab whatever they need.

Giving a gift to someone should not be a stressful event.

Just look around and try to get them something that they would be likely to get for themselves.

If it looks like it goes well with the theme of the house, it is probably a safe bet.


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