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4 Giveaway Ideas When Planning for a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be such a fun time!

The food, the drinks, the gifts, and of course, the games!

Back in the day, all these were a girls-only affair, where women dressed up and played silly games that no one really liked, but everyone played anyway.

Baby showers today are completely different.

Men are allowed to have their own “beer and babies” parties.

These parties can either be at home or a favorite bar or pub.

Invites may include tickets to a diaper raffle to make the whole event a little more baby-friendly.

Guests who bring a pack of diapers may receive a prize, such as a gift card or a bottle of something nice to drink later!

Modern party games offer guests the opportunity to participate on their own time instead of the previous idea of everyone sitting down together to play as a group.

This idea allows parties to have a more casual atmosphere that allows latecomers to participate, suggests Todays Parent.

white boxes with dainty pink ribbons as a baby shower giveaway


Popular Baby Shower Games:

Popular party games include “Who Knows Mommy Best?”,” What’s on Your Phone?”, “What’s in Your Purse?”, and the ever-popular diaper raffle.

“Who Knows Mommy Best?”

This game allows participants to show how well they know the mommy-to-be.

Buy cute cards that can be found in a variety of themes, and ask guests to fill in answers about the new mommy.

Of course, the person with the most right answers wins a prize!

“What’s on Your Phone?”

This is a similar game to “Who Knows Mommy Best”.

Custom cards for this game are also found in some cute themes.

The premise is pretty simple.

Each guest checks off the box that corresponds to something found on their phone (such as Facebook or Pinterest apps).

Each box is worth a certain number of points.

The guest with the highest number of points wins.

baby shower food table set up with pink and gray decorations

“What’s in Your Purse?”

This game is played much the same way as the phone version, with people checking off items they happen to have in their purses with them.

Items can range from normal things most people carry with them, such as car keys and cell phones, to crazy, far-out-there items such as a ticket stub to a Justin Timberlake concert.


Diaper Raffle

Meanwhile, the diaper raffle is very popular in baby showers.

When sending out the baby shower invitations, tickets to a diaper raffle should be included, recommends

Guests will write their names on these tickets and take one to the party with them for each pack of diapers they bring the parents-to-be.

During the party, one ticket will be chosen, and the winner will receive a prize.

diaper raffle ticket

Use Your Imagination

When thinking about modern baby-shower-game prizes, don’t be afraid to get creative!

There are many great ideas, from bath bombs or body scrub and chocolates to gift cards or even a gift basket.

The possibilities are endless.

While you can go with smaller gifts for the games, the diaper raffle, in particular, may warrant a larger gift since you, the parents-to-be, will end up with lots of free diapers for your new little one!

If your shower is in the winter, you can put together an adult hot cocoa gift basket, complete with cocoa, cookies, mugs, and chocolate liquor to add a little kick for the winner!

It is up to you what type of gifts you offer your guests and what games you play.

With the help of sites such as Pinterest, there are several options available to today’s party planners, say the experts at Cutest Baby Shower Ideas!

Good luck and have fun!

Real Simple has a great Baby Shower Checklist to help you plan.

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