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4 Brilliant Ideas For Family TikTok Videos

by Yuval Zilberfarb

Saying that the preceding year was tough is quite an understatement. COVID19 caught the world by surprise and marked the first time since humanity faced a global pandemic in a century or so. Suddenly, the routines we’d been living for so long had to change in favor of the new rules governed to cope better with the situation.

Children In The Eye Of The Storm

One age group that has been significantly affected by COVID19 is our dearest ones, our children, and their education and social connections, most of all. The schooling experience shifted from the frontal and traditional ritual and became a horse of a different color with Zoom kicking in.

The Heavy Price For Remote Learning

From kindergarteners to students, remote learning gave rise to challenges and hardships yet to be seen in such magnitude before. Spending hours in front of computers and social media platforms do no good to anyone, and as parents, we also face the consequences.

That being said, we also know that there’s no such thing as black or white. Instead, the positive and negative go hand in hand; it is also true for social media platforms.

What would be more practical than making lemonade out of COVID19 lemons in such troubled times? Our favorite four ideas are to unite the family and create a compelling TikTok video. We don’t know about you, but we think these are especially useful for teaching the next generation another lesson about teamwork.

Cute teenage girls in kigurumi and sleep masks smiling and shoots a video. Selfies. The phone is mounted on a tripod and the ring lamp shines. Tiktok blogger.

#1 DIY: Art

Are you an artistic family? You can gather your household members and showcase your talent for the world.

One type of video that boasts a great potential to go viral is DIY videos, where you teach your audience something new. Of course, art comes in all forms and shapes, and you could design stunning things with a neat cutting arrangement of vegetables and fruit. Creativity knows no limits or boundaries!

#2 Magic Videos

Who doesn’t enjoy a good show, especially when theatres and cinemas are closed?

Now you could attract much more attention to yourself and become notable entertainers by posting a video as a family of wizards. It’s time to learn some tricks with cards or handkerchiefs and get the bravos applauding in your direction.

#3 Scientific Experiments

Disclaimer: for this particular activity, it’s mandatory to have at least one parent involved to ensure that everything is under control.

Intrigue the young ones by conducting a scientific experiment; quite a joyful lesson to share on TikTok.

#4 Family Exercise Time!

Parents from all around the globe will thank you wholeheartedly for this one. There’s no greater blessing in such periods where the young ones sit on a chair and don’t move much than a healthy exercise break loading them with energy and vitality. Put your training on; let’s all get in shape!

Spice Up Your Videos

Now that you found a concept to follow, here are some tips and strategies to spice up your videos, regardless of the theme you’ve chosen:

Text overlays and other video effects truly matter and could upgrade any dull video to something engaging and much less ordinary. It’s also recommended to add a witty punchline on top so that no one will remain indifferent while watching.

About The Author


Yuval Zilberfarb

 YUVAL IS an ESL teacher who embarked on a different path and is a content writer at SEOMADEZ LLC. His articles explore the digital marketing field in TikTok and Instagram. Yuval’s inner muse for writing is fueled by large doses of Indie-rock music and Haruki Murakami’s novels.

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