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2012 Entertainment Book Makes a Great Gift

When Jake was in sixth grade one of the school’s fundraisers was the Entertainment Book (EB). I fell in love. That was the year Jake’s feet grew three sizes in one week and he was also brand-conscious. We used the Entertainment book to save big on shoes…Converse was his brand of choice and we saved 25% on each purchase! It was fantastic! ‘

2012 Entertainment Book

2012 Entertainment Book

With the Entertainment Book the savings just kept coming. We saved on dining out, retail and more. It introduced us to places in our own backyard that we had never heard of and to this day continue to visit!

With categories like Casual and Dining Out, Fast Food, Entertainment and Sport, Golf, Hotels, Travel and Retail savings are easy to find!

Each book comes with a membership card, as well as a key chain card. This gives the option for using by clipping out the coupon (no card required) or there are certain deals that do require the membership card. The deals are listed in the EB book. For these you simply show your card and mention the deal (no coupon required).

Most of the dining out coupons are a BOGO Free. It’s perfect for date night with your spouse while still maintaining a budget. Often there are coupons that allow one coupon to be applied for parties up to 4-6 people. Perfect for famililes. Every coupon states the terms, so read the fine print.

My husband is reading our Entertainment book like it’s a Historical novel. I just tuck it in the car so we have it on the go. I use the index to see if any of the stores we are going to offer a coupon through EB, or I browse to see if there is a product (like shoes) we are in the market for and compare the deals.

The EB retails for $35 and I have found that it pays for itself in no time. It is a great benefit for those with a family.

There are admission discounts to local places like museums, zoos, the movies and special events. It really stretches the budget and opens the door for options on “what to do”.

I also have reviewed the 2012 Entertainment book’s online feature. It is great alone, but I’m finding it even more beneficial with the book!

The Entertainment book makes a great gift, whether to yourself or a co-worker or friend. I like it better than Groupon and it’s couponing even my husband will use!

*I received a 2012 Entertainment Book in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.


Do you have the Entertainment Book for your area? What are some of your money saving tips?

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