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13 Tips to Reduce Heating Bills

There are many ways to reduce heating bills. In the dead of winter, sometimes a simple fireplace can do much good, but you have to crowd around it to get the warmth, which does little for the house. An efficient HVAC system is a better solution in the long run.

Here are 13 Practical Tips to Help Reduce Heating Bills


Furnaces offering high-efficiency power options with high gas efficiency ratings are an excellent way to save energy and give excellent heating for the home. When combined with good upper-level insulation and proper window insulation, heating bills can be significantly reduced while you stay warm in winter times.

Noise Reduction

Believe it or not, many furnaces can cause a great deal of noise. Most of these types of furnaces are actually not energy-efficient. Modulating furnaces and two-stage furnaces reduce BTU usage and reduce fan noise while still providing sufficient heat. There is low noise, less power use, and better efficiency.

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Small Systems

You don’t need a huge HVAC system to heat a home. You need an effective system. There are many compact systems available which use less power but still pack a powerful heating punch. Look into these options.

Effective Air Flow

One of the most important things to consider when heating your home and saving on heating bills is duct cleaning. If the air ducts are clogged in any manner, heating flow is blocked and heating costs rise significantly. Get the ducts checked.

Output Levels Make a Difference

Some portions of a home often get hot, and others remain cold. This can be an insulation issue, but it is often an issue of output. With modulated output levels installed and two-stage controls in place, there is a more efficient distribution of heat, and this will save home heat.

Improve Insulation

Though it may take some work and remodeling, getting better ceiling insulation can greatly reduce your heating bills, as heat will stay in the home more efficiently. The same is true for wall insulation. Double-pane windows help also.

Seals on Doors

For doors on the inside, seals are not an issue. Doors to the outside will require insulation seals to keep the cold out and the warmth in. It is inexpensive and easy to install these seals.

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Reduce Impact on the Environment

Though we don’t think about it, home heating impacts the environment, raising heating costs. When you switch to energy-efficient heating, you are helping the environment and reducing heating bill costs.

Use Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a good solution to reduce heating bills if electricity costs are cheaper than gas costs. When gas is too expensive, consider using a heat pump. This option will also be practical for cooling in the summer.

Use Space Heaters

Again, if gas costs are high and you use primarily specific rooms, turn the gas heat off and use electric space heaters in the rooms you occupy. This is especially practical during the night for the rooms you sleep in.

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Don’t Heat the Garage

Terry from Prestige Doors says, “insulating your garage will stop the need to heat it, as well as keeping the room above it warm!”

If there is nothing in the garage to heat, don’t heat the garage. If you do need to heat it, use a small space heater to keep items from freezing.

Get a Heating Assessment

Have an HVAC expert come out and assess your home and advise you of your options for optimal heating options. This will help you to control your heating bills.

Use More Clothing

Overall, you can always stay warm with more clothing in the winter. Wear layers. Keep the heat lower. Use plenty of blankets. Keep the heating bills low.

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