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Beat the Chills by Taking Care of Your Windows

Practical tips on how to keep your home warm by tweaking your windows. Beat the chills this winter and take care of your windows.

Unless you’re Cruella De Vil or some other villainous character in the Disney archives, I’m sure you’re more comfortable spending indoors at a warm and cozy temperature. Who wants to suffer inside a chilly house when you make the interior of your home a lot warmer?

Of course, we cannot control the harsh weather patterns of nature, especially as winter sets in. To keep your home as temperate and comfortable as possible despite the chilly winter wind, you need to put some extra work into your existing house structure. The extent of work to be done may range from a simple sealing of possible entry points to an installation of heating equipment.

Beat the Chills by Taking Care of Your Windows

Did you know that you can chill-proof your house by doing something about your windows? Here are some practical tips on how to keep your home warm by tweaking your windows.

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4 Practical Tips to Keep Your Home Warm by Tweaking Windows

beat the chills by taking care of your windows

beat the chills by taking care of your windows

Seal gaps in the windows:

One of the easiest tricks in the book is to make sure that you close any possible entry points of the cold weather outside. The cheapest way to do this is by stuffing gaps in the window with cotton, but that solution is temporary. You should use rubber weather sealing, window insulation film, or draft snakes.

Use thick curtains:

Putting thick drapes over your windows might do the trick, whether a thick set of store-bought curtains or a do-it-yourself (DIY) curtain made of quilts and blankets.

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Call a professional window sealing service provider:

If you have terrible DIY skills, your best option is to hire the services of a professional.

It might cost you more, but this may guarantee a weatherproof home ready for any harsh weather conditions.

Change your windows:

Living in an old home may include living with old furniture and windows.

An old set of windows may already have some cracks and seams that will freely let them cold draft into your house without you knowing it.

If you feel your windows are already old and degraded, you might want to replace them with new ones.

It’s probably best to contact a bespoke windows manufacturer so that they can custom-fit the window to your house and prevent any potential air access points.

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Signs that your windows need to be fixed

For a homeowner, it may be difficult to accept that your house has some imperfections.

The worst thing could happen when you realize your home isn’t ready for the harsh weather outside.

To prevent the cold weather from entering your house, you need to check the following signs, as noted by the House Logic.

The frequent rattling of the window glass, which is a sign of brittle glazing putty

Wood windows with double-hung sashes that “shrink with age and wear, letting in cold air.”

Worn-out gaskets of aluminum and vinyl windows

Actual entry of air from outside as you pass your hand over your windows


Nothing beats any problem like being one step ahead.

In the case of beating the chills, take the time to assess the condition of your windows and act on any potential openings or issues.

This way, you can enjoy the coziness of your home even in cold seasons.

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