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10 More Tips to Make Moving Simple

As stated before, being that I live in Kansas next to a university and a military base, I tend to talk to people who are used to moving – from servicemembers on the post to college students at Kansas State University – who are of all ages. It’s interesting to ask these individuals their preferences on moving.

For example, I moved to my new home from my apartment with my husband after we found out I was pregnant. We were stressed on every little detail. This is even after I was in college, renting and moving from here to there (4 places, 4 times). I thought to myself (and out loud to my husband): Are the post-apartment bills going to be paid? Will we have all of our things out of the apartment by then? How will we afford rent after the moving costs? These were all questions that I asked myself when I was moving – and the same that I ask individuals when the topic of moving comes up in conversation.

Some individuals sell their things on Craigslist so all of their possessions can fit in a single car. Some ship their items full-service using moving companies and fly to their destinations of choice. Some people just make multiple trips with a moving truck.

Since last year, I’ve met so many more people and some of them have shared their stories with me. So without further ado, here are 10 more tips to make moving simple.

1. Minimize your inventory

This goes along the lines of de-cluttering your life, as said in the last article. A person once told me that before he moved, he tried to sell as much of his items as he could. All of the items he wanted to keep can fit in two large moving boxes. He kept inventory of those necessities and they usually led to a list like:

– photo albums

– expensive clothes

– laptop

– two pairs of Chuck Taylor’s

That sounds pretty easy when you’re not married. But he was right – we all keep too many things anyway. By separating himself from material things, he I got attached to them after moving. This probably saved a lot of money on shipping costs.

Try to minimize your inventory as much as you can. Not only that but de-clutter your life.

2. Pack by room

Knowing where your items will go as soon as they are unpacked will save an immense amount of time and pain on your move. Color-code the boxes to each room to distinguish which boxes will go wear.

3. Keep an inventory on everything – and check twice

When packing, try to keep a checklist of every single item you are packing. Knowing what items you have and don’t have after moving will save you moments of frustration when you need those items.

4. Try not to separate items that need parts – keep them together

Things like sound systems, game consoles and TVs have wires that can be easily confused and mixed up. Try to keep everything together – either by keeping them plugged and folding the wires neatly or packing the wires next to their machine counterparts.

5. Pack ahead

Please, start packing, at least, two weeks in advance. You don’t want to be at your apartment watching TV on your half-packed boxes when the post-move cleaners come to steam your carpets. It’s not a really good look.

6. Pack clothing in luggage

By packing your clothing in luggage, you can easily transfer your wardrobe from your bags to your closet. Not only that, but you don’t have to unpack your luggage if you need to change during mid-transport.

7. Keep important papers close to you

If you pack important papers in boxes with other items, they are at greater risk because they are less controlled by you. Try to have essential papers in a single filing box and keep it locked.

8. Clean your old place before moving – then clean your new place after moving

By cleaning your old place before you move, you minimize the risk of a deposit bill coming back at you. By cleaning your new home after moving, you minimize the risk of foreign pathogens in your air while you’re sleeping.

9. Take pictures 

You’ll want to not only take pictures for inventory and insurance purposes but to also remember the time you’re transitioning into a new life. With that:

10. Celebrate!

This tip hasn’t changed from the last and it will never. Moving is not an easy endeavor for anyone to accomplish, and regardless of what anyone says, it gets worse and exponentially harder the more people you live with.

So, feel free to order that pizza and purchase that bottle of wine. After moving, you definitely deserve it.

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