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10 Inexpensive Office Decor Upgrades

An office décor upgrade provides a modern touch to your office settings. It is a great input for motivating employees and visitors. Office décor upgrades can help you increase your clientele base. It adds to the reputation brand value of the firm. Office décor upgrade helps to use your creative insight. It is not always a financially stressful idea to decorate your office. Landscaping with Artificial foliage is one of the most inexpensive ideas of office upgradation. You can also adopt energy-friendly techniques to enhance your office decorum.

You can also adopt energy-friendly techniques and artificial plants as inexpensive office decor upgrades that will give big returns.

Before embarking upon the office upgradation venture, it is advisable to do some research. Get ideas from an architect or interior designer. At first, you need a CAD drawing of the present plan and elevation of the office. You must evaluate the plan and elevation with proposed changes. Let’s explore some ideas for office upgradation.

10 Inexpensive Upgrades For Your Office Decor

1. Articulating the office entrance

Office entrance creates a lasting impression on employees and guests. So, make this place an elegant and attractive spot with your creative inputs. Get your floors rendered glossy with linoleum.

You can also cover the floors with artificial grass rolls. These are durable and moisture resistant. So they stay as such even if the visitor comes in with wet shoes. These are soft and pliable. You can place artificial flowers at cardinal points of your office entrance or reception. The sight of beautiful and bright colors motivates employees as they enter inside.

2. Landscaping the office garden as an inexpensive office decor upgrade

Garden symbolizes the brand image of a firm. Create colorful floral combinations in your garden. You can add artificial grass mats in areas where vegetation growth is scarce. Fake foliage is soft and handcrafted out of materials like silk. It is available in a range of bright colors and shades. Fake flowers are highly durable. Being resistant to fire, they safeguard real flowers and vegetation from fire hazards. You can place artificial topiary of beautiful designs to create emphatic points in your garden. Topiary is available in customized designs to represent thematic patterns.

3. Switch to open office plan layout

At present, the trending office design is to create open spaces so that employees can get an amicable atmosphere to work in cooperation. Closed cubicles with partitions are getting replaced. Open plans make the office look more spacious. These encourage employee interaction, creating an ambiance for shared learning during office hours.

4. IT upgradation

Office systems need to adopt modern information technology systems for boosting productivity and facilitating effective communication. An office that accepts technological innovations raises the company’s brand value. The office owner must invest in new IT-enabled systems like wi-fi setups and connections. The computing systems must run on advanced software.

5. Artificial foliage for strategic locations (Artificial landscaping) as an inexpensive office decor upgrade

Add freshness to your office with artificial landscaping. At first, try to measure the difference in the presence of artificial trees and foliage makes to the overall decorum of the office. You can refer to landscape architects, horticulturists, master gardeners, and designers for design ideas. With a professional design, you can figure out the best strategic locations for the various artificial plants and trees.

Before selecting artificial foliage, get decor ideas from showrooms exhibiting the usage of artificial landscaping. Silk is one of the commonest fivers used to fabricate fake foliage. Go through various silk plant catalogs and their entire line of products. Artificial foliages are available at budget-friendly rates. The installation process is swift and easy. You can initially get a few samples so that you can be sure about the final product quality. By selecting the right artificial foliage design, you can represent your office theme graphically.

You can place potted artificial plants at centralized locations of your offices and reception counters. The presence of artificial foliage helps to create a vibrant environment. At the same time, there are fewer maintenance issues. Faux plantings need only dusting regularly as a maintenance measure. Faux foliage is highly durable and resilient to weather extremes like rain or storms. Due to its inherent fire retardant quality, faux foliage helps in fireproofing your valuable property.

6. Enhance wall and ceiling decorum

Get your walls painted with new colors or color shades. Newly painted walls inspire creativity. You can also cover the scratches on your walls with wallpapers, representing your office theme. Else you can opt for wall paneling. Panels are easy to install and cost-effective. You can get acoustic wall panels to increase the sound quality inside an office room. You can beautify your office walls with abstract or office theme paintings. Else you can have sent hanging plants like silk tulips on the walls. Make sure that the wall color matches against the paintings or plantings to be hung there.

You can also get the ceiling repainted or cover the voids with panels. You can suspend decorative lights to create focal points.

7. Lighting design is a great and inexpensive office decor upgrade

Lighting is a key element of interior office décor. Invest in lighting installations, which are energy efficient. Get LED lights or photovoltaic light installations. Such energy-saving initiatives will initially be costly but reduce your long-term utility bills. Select lights which are smart enough to change intensity when there is high usage and reduce it when less. You can add glittering artificial foliage, which renders the office garden or the outside space attractive, even in the dusk.

8. Security upgradation

Get advanced security systems like media alarm systems and CCTV cameras for video monitoring of your office. The presence of a security feature helps you ensure the safety of a property, and you can instead concentrate on your business goals.

9. Cover office windows with designer curtains

Curtains filter the incoming air and moderate incoming light intensity. They make the office naturally ventilated. While upgrading your office, you can replace old curtains with new ones. Select curtains with bright cryptic colors or modern designs for your own windows.

10. Investing in new accessories

Add a novel touch to your office by adding new furnishings or new appliances. You can have portable chairs or designer centers tables. You can have new cabinets with innovative design features. Else, you can add a new air purifier or humidifier at a central location. New accessories add new vibes of energy to your office space. These also provide encourage employees forced to work effectively.

An office décor upgradation provides an existing space with a new lamina of energy. For an upgradation, you need to consider basic visual elements like walls and windows. You also need to consider functional features like lighting, security, ventilation, and technological infrastructure. Landscaping with silk foliage is a décor idea to add both aesthetic and functional value to an office room.


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