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10 Essential Tips for Flying in a Plane Amidst a Pandemic

Do you have a travel plan coming up that involves flying in a plane? Amidst the pandemic, know these seven essential tips for flying safely.

Are you considering flying in a plane during the pandemic, but aren’t sure what to expect?

In 2018 alone, there were record-breaking numbers of 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals according to The Guardian.

Even with the pandemic, traveling is still occurring, just with more health and safety practices in mind.

In this article, explore the top travel tips to ensure that you stay safe during your trip.

Read on to explore this not-to-miss guide, so you and your family can stay safe during these times.

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Changes That Have Been Introduced for Flying

Most airlines today are limiting what snacks and drinks you can receive on the plane to limit contact.

Some airlines are even limiting how close you can be to other passengers during the flight.

If you can’t properly socially distance during a flight, some airlines are allowing you to reschedule, or cancel your flight.

Along with these proper precautions, it’s vital you have your own in place as well.

Bring Hand Sanitizer

When you’re traveling to and from the airport, handwashing might be limited, so it’s vital you always carry hand sanitizer with you.

Always check the TSA laws about the size of the hand sanitizer you can carry.

Currently, they’re allowing up to 12 ounces in carry-on bags, says CNN.

Check before flying to ensure that the rules haven’t changed.

Expect some delays in screening due to the added liquid that you’ll be carrying through.

Keep in mind that handwashing should be your first choice, and hand sanitizer is for when there are no sinks with soap nearby, recommends WebMD.

Understand the Risks

Understand that traveling during this time puts you at an increased risk since you’ll be on a plane near others who might be infected.

Whether you’re traveling locally or flying international during COVID-19, it’s always best to check the area and current COVID concerns.

Certain countries have travel restrictions depending on which country you’re flying to.

It’s best to self-quarantine prior to your trip in case they ask for that requirement before traveling.

Practice Social Distancing

Before, during, and after your trip, you should also practice social distancing.

This means that you’ll want to stay 6 feet away from other people, avoid crowded spots, and get-togethers.

Hygiene on the Plane

While the aircraft will have its own protocols for practicing proper hygiene, you’ll still want to practice your own as well.

Make sure to bring disinfecting wipes with you.

Wipe down everything before you touch it.

This includes the:

  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Seat Arms
  • Tray Tables

When you’re waiting in line inside the airport, avoid being too close to anyone else, and have all of your proper documents out and ready.

Read the Instructions

Before starting to wipe everything down, make sure that you follow the directions on the disinfecting wipes.

Ensure that you understand how long a surface should be wet with the wipe before it’s safe to touch.

Avoid using them on fabric, since they won’t work.

If you’re nervous about germs on the seats, you can bring a reusable seat to sit on.

Pick a Window Seat

If possible, pick a window seat on the plane.

When you’re sitting in an aisle seat, you’re exposed to anyone walking down the aisle.

This includes flight attendants, or people walking to use the restroom.

Avoid getting up unless it’s an absolute must to use the restroom.

Try to use the restroom right before and after boarding.

Wear Your Mask

Some places require you to wear a mask, so it’s best to wear them anyway.

If you show up without a mask, you might be asked to leave the plane, or not board at all.

woman wearing a black face mask at the airport

Call Ahead

Before leaving for the airport, it’s a good idea to double-check the day before and the day of the flight.

Make sure there are no changes in the flight or delays.

Ensure that you have all of the required hygiene and travel needs in place.

Don’t Use the Seatback Pockets

Think of all of those germs from people touching and placing different items in the seatback pockets.

Avoid placing anything in them, and avoid touching any documents in there.

There are seatback-pocket replacements you can buy in advance to bring with you.

If not, store extra items in your bag.

Wash Your Hands

Before and after going through security, you should wash your hands thoroughly.

This will help prevent you from spreading and receiving germs.

Remember that the flu season is just around the corner too.

You Can Ask Them to Change Gloves

If you feel a TSA agent has been wearing the same gloves for a while, for your protection and others, you can ask them to change them.

The TSA agents will have extra gloves on hand that they can change into.

Place Your Items in Your Carry-On

Instead of having to worry about placing items in a bin that has been touched by others, keep your extra items in your carry-on.

Any loose items you’re carrying in your pockets, even if it’s lip balm, place it in your carry-on before going through security.

Tips on Flying in a Plane During COVID-19

Now that you’ve explored the top tips on flying in a plane during COVID-19, you should have a better idea of how to stay safe during your trip.

Are you wanting to read more about proper health and wellness for you and your family?

Want to learn how to keep the whole family safe?

Check out our other articles today for a healthier you for today and tomorrow.


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