Bacon Milkshake #Recipe!

Milkshakes are my cure-all. Making them at home is easy!

Here’s an old-fashioned milkshake–real ingredients, with a modern twist of flavor–BACON!

bacon milkshake recipe

That’s right! I said it. Bacon. Everything goes well with bacon and this milkshake will have you wanting more!

Bacon Milkshake Recipe Ingredients:

  • 4 Slices Maple Bacon, Thick Cut
  • 1/8 cup Real Maple Syrup
  • Sea Salt
  • Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Whipped Cream

Bacon Milkshake Recipe Directions:

  • Cover cookie sheet with aluminum foil.
  • Place a row of brown sugar on cookie sheet.
  • Lay a strip of bacon over each row.
  • Coat bacon with more brown sugar on the top side.
  • Place in oven at 350 degrees and cook until bacon is extra crispy.
  • Allow bacon to cool and then turn two strips of bacon into crumbles. ¬†This will leave you two strips to garnish each shake.
  • Use a spoon to gather some of the bacon grease from the cookie¬†sheet the bacon was cooked on.
  • Pour milk, maple syrup, a pinch of sea salt, your bacon crumbles and loads of vanilla ice-cream into the blender along with that big spoonful of bacon grease.
  • Blend until creamy.
  • Pour the shake into your class and garnish with whipped cream, drizzle with maple syrup and add a strip of candied bacon for garnish.

Bacon Milkshake Recipe Variation:

  • Try adding a cooked pancake to the blender for a fun twist on this delicious shake!