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Zicam Night Time Review

 Zicam Night Time’s a TKO on Colds
It’s been a long week. The day Hubby left town, the kids and I became ill. I’m still living in the land of miserable. Hubby has returned and is feeling the influx of the Morrison Cold. We should be quarantined. Hubby, however, proved himself to be a Knight in Shining Armor and left us sleeping, returning with Zicam Night Time.
Zicam is a Multi-Symptom Cold and Flu medicine, available over the counter. It is clear–REALLY clear. It claims to have no flavor, but it does–almost like a sugar water. Who am I kidding? It made me shudder! However, if you do as the package suggests and mix it with a beverage, it truly is taste-free.
Let’s move past the taste. Zicam works. Hubby and I both took it last night. We were watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on DVD and within probably 20 minutes I was out cold. At some point, Hubby said we should go upstairs to bed and all I could say was, “Let’s just rest here for a little while longer.”  He agreed.
Each of us curled up on our own couch, propped with pillows and covered with our own blanket. It was heaven. It was a deep, deep rest without the hacking cough or slimey nose drips. At 10:15pm I woke up, determined to make it to my bed. I was disoriented and my legs were heavy. I made it up the steps and sank into my comfortable bed.
I slept like I’ve never slept before. It was deep. It was beautiful. Well, except for the one side effect of Zicam–crazy dreams. Not necessarily nightmares, but just whacked out craziness. My hubby professes the same crazy wild dreams when he wakes from Zicam also.
Zicam is amazing. It let me sleep. It let my body do it’s thing while getting some very much needed REMs. It is manna!
The active ingredient is 325mg of Aceteminophen. It’s magic. It really is.
Since Monday I’ve been hacking. I’ve awaken to a running, dripping nose. My throat didn’t hurt. My headache fled and I could breathe!  I was tired and miserable. Sleep deprivation is no way to mend a cold to health.
I’m keeping Zicam in my cabinet. I’m taking it again tonight. Ounce for ounce, Zicam is TKO on colds!
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