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Z-Access Display Frame Really STANDS Out!

My kiddos are treasure keepers. They would keep every piece of paper ever given to them if only I would let them. The truth of the matter is that finding a way to preserve their treasures can sometimes be a challenge. They each have talents that bring home rewards and there are creations that truly deserve display. Now there’s a family friendly 3D frame that makes preserving the best stuff truly memorable.

Made in America, Z-Access Display Frames are made by the Lewibelle Company.  Out of the box it doesn’t look like much of anything, however, it transform into the most amazing display frame ever! Available in seven colors and two styles, these frames transform the ordinary into something to talke about.

We received a 6″x4″ stand alone frame with base. Inside the frame is a film that stretches. There are two “U” shaped clamps that secure the frame closed.  The magic takes place between the film, which can display items with volumes up to 37-cubic inches. The object can weigh as much as three pounds. The claim is that the film is tear resistant–though we didn’t test this in our review!

It took forever for The Divine Miss M to decide what she wanted to display. She has more awards than we can display so when she brought her PTA Reflections Medals to me, I was delighted that she had made a decision.

Originally she wanted to mount all of her PTA Reflections Medals. It was impossible to fit them all into the frame, so she chose two.

We placed the medals on top of the film and then closed the frame, using the U-shaped clamps to secure it. The result is stunning:

PTA Reflections Awards inside the Z-Access Display Frame

PTA Reflections Awards inside the Z-Access Display Frame

It is sitting on our mantel and it is truly an interactive piece. It can be picked up, turned and the back shows the engraving. It protects the medal from the elements and allows The Divine Miss M to share them with us in a beautiful manner.

I removed the medals to see if the film stretched back. It does stretch back, though not as tightly as it was initially. The medals are still secure and sealed between the layers.

The Z-Access Display Frames are truly a great alternative to traditional shadow boxes. They can be use for photographs and keepsakes, providing a beautiful showcase.

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