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Worried about Your Debt? How IVAs, Trust Deeds and Sequestration Can Help

Debt is usually money which a party owes to another. The agreement on how they should be paid will depend between the lender and the creditor. Being stuck in debt can sometimes be overwhelming. Juggling on how to make ends meet for your family while finding ways on how you can pay your debt? That can be quite stressful. Good thing certain debt advisors provide debt solutions to help you! You just have to find out which one of them is right for you.

worried about debt

Finding the best debt solution

How do you find the best way to pay your debt? It will depend on different factors, but the most important two are – how much debt you owe and how capable you are with regard to making payments to the creditor.

Only you can answer those questions, but you can seek help from your debt advisor to assess everything that needs to weigh in and know. Well, good thing there are solutions like IVA, Trust Deeds, and Sequestration Order to help you pay your debt in an easier and more organized manner.

IVA, Trust Deeds, and Sequestration Order

IVA or Individual Voluntary Agreement, is, by far, the most popular and formal solution when it comes to clearing debt. IVA is said to make payments more affordable and manageable, something that is not heavy in the debtor’s pockets. The agreement is set to prevent additional charges and interest to the existing debt. This is truly something that will take off the worry on your part!

Trust Deeds are usually for Scottish clients. This type of agreement involves your assets being available in order to pay your creditor. The usual period that a trust deed works is 48 months or 4 years. However, depending on your capability or if you have an asset to share, you can finish the agreement earlier than the said period of time.

A sequestration Order in Scotland is the same as applying or declaring bankruptcy. This the fastest and surest way of settling debts and making sure that you owe no more debt to the creditor. Why the sound of bankruptcy is scary, debt advisors make sure that is nothing to be afraid of, more or less to worry about. This can be a sign of having a fresh start in your life. However, you must also take a look at the risks and consequences and study every aspect before doing so.


There are actually ways that can help you regarding your debt. Being in debt can be a normal thing and nothing to be ashamed of, You just have to make sure that you know each and every possible way on how you can pay your creditor on time. For debt help today, consider the tips in this article to help you understand and know more about debt and what are the right debt solutions for you to weigh in and pay your debt in a more manageable and effective way.

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