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WordToons: The Magic Continues

It’s been several months since Wordtoons came into our life. We’re so thankful that it did. It’s become a parlor trick of sorts for my children. The ability to doodle and transform mere words into works of art.

Life presents so many creative moments. Sometimes boredom takes over and we find ourself waiting…enter Wayne Logue he found himself recently on a bus and his time was occupied by turning the word sing into a Wordtoon. He said it couldn’t be done.

Those familiar with Wayne Logue know him to be brilliant. He created a program called “Wordtoons“.He takes simple words like “dog”, “UFO”, “Lion”, “Spy” and “Boy” and transforms into that word’s self-portrait.
Don’t believe me? Watch this:

Pretty stinkin’ amazing; don’t you agree?

Back to the bus. Wayne Logue took that bus ride. He did what he thought couldn’t be done. In this video you will watch the trial and error of an artist. The ideas are mesmerizing! You’ll have to watch it to see if it is true: Can the word sing become a wordtoon?


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