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Pirate’s Booty Potato Flyers

All-Natural Trans Fat and GlutenFREE Potato Chips

Mmmm…I love potato chips. I love their crunch. I love their salty goodness. I love them on the side of a sandwich, or straight out of the bag!

They aren’t good for you. I checked. a portion is something like eleven (and really? who can stop at eleven?!) and they’re packed with good stuff like grease and calories that transform you into pudge. Trust me. I’ve tested this.

Now imagine if chips were 120 calories for one whole ounce and containted NO saturated fat, NO gluten. It’s chip heaven! Close. It’s Pirate Booty Potato Flyers!

These dreamy potato chps retail for $1.49 for a 1.5-ounce ba and are conveniently located at local drugstores and grocery stores or online at

Recently I received a sample pack of four flavors: barbecue, original, salt and vinegar and sour cream and onion. Each had plenty of flavor and was a hit with my salty craving.  The texture is amazing–far hardier than your typical potato chip and far better than traditional baked chips my mouth has experienced.

The 1.5 ounce bag contains 120 calories with 5 grams of fat. This is minimal in comparison to those eleven chips I spoke of earlier that had at least 200 calories and twice the fat of Pirate Booty’s Potato Flyers. The drawback to the nutritional value is the sodium–Potato Flyers’ Original has a whopping 240mg, the Barbecue has 230mg and the Sour Cream and Onion 200mg.

My favorite was the Sea Salt and Vinegar Potato Flyers. They had the perfect blend of both salt and vinegar. I couldn’t help but lick my fingers when I realized I emptied the bag!

Pirate Brands believe we shouldn’t have to “snackrifice” taste for health. I love the Pirate Booty Potato Flyers because they have found a happier medium–savory versions of my favorite potato chips in a lighter version with a texture crunches the competition!

Obviously I’m not the only one giving the love to these chips, Potato Flyers won the “Best of Expo 2010” Gold Award in the “Best New Line” category at Natural Products Expo West.

“This post was written for Family Review Network and Pirate Brands who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest reviwew”

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