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Wisk Laundry Lab: Tailgate Party

Li’l Man and Ketchup vs. Wisk with Stain Spectrum

As the mom to many it’s a good thing laundry is not something that I dislike. Our mission this month had a theme of tailgating. Can’t you smell the BBQs and the deliciousness of Fall and comfort foods on the grill?

We live in Utah, home of the Fry Sauce–really any condiment. That made it super easy to complete the mission: allow Li’l Man to paint his white shirt with ketchup and then use Wisk with Stain Spectrum to tackle the stain.

I dressed Li’l Man in his white tee shirt and we headed out to I.H.O.P. for a lunch with Auntie Les. While Auntie and I conversed, Li’l Man entertained himself with a package of ketchup and a basting brush! The canvas was his white shirt and he painted it in! Thick streak of ketchup.

From I.H.O.P. I changed Li’l Man into something more presentable for the Family Day Activity at school. The ketchup covered shirt baked in the trunk for over an hour before we returned home.

The instructions said to rinse the stain before treating it.

Um, yeah…I’m a real life mom whose kiddos tend to hide their stained clothing inside the hamper. Most of the time it just gets a little action at the machine–so that’s what we did. I did NOT rinse the shirt, but poured Wisk with Stain Spectrum directly on to the ketchup and set the timer for five minutes.

When the timer dinged, I tossed it into the washing machine and washed as normal.

I had doubts. Ketchup is a tough thing to get out completely, however, when I opened the washing machine and pulled out the shirt, voila! The Ketchup was gone!

There you have it. Real life mom…real boy…real ketchup and real cleaning power compliments of Wisk with Stain Spectrum!
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This is a One2One Network Campaign. I have been compensated for this post. I also received the items necessary to complete this mission in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by the sponsors. Others experience may vary.
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