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Reading with Children

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

Add When Dinosaurs Came with Everything To Your CartWhen my firstborn was much smaller he loved two things—Super Heroes and Dinosaurs. Our life joyfully revolved around both. We watched Batman videos by day and read about dinosaurs at night. When he was three we traveled from Miami to Utah to see family and the dinosaurs. As we arrived at the National Dinosaur Monument my son saw the bones of dinosaurs resting in the mountain. He turned to me in tears and greeted me with the following reprimand, “It took you so long to get here all the dinosaurs died!” Now my youngest follows the path laid out by his brother: Super Heroes and Dinosaurs.  My little men keep me at bay while my firstborn reads Elise Broach’s When Dinosaurs Came with Everything to his younger protégé. I listen in on how a day of errands results in dinosaurs attaching themselves to a haircut, the purchase of doughnuts, and other otherwise mundane aspects of everyday life. In Broach’s book, mom welcomes dinosaurs into the family, in our family version mom is the reason for their extinction!

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