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Best Lunch Box Ever Cookbook

After returning from the school lunch convention, I received a copy of Katie Morford’s new book Best Lunch Box Ever. It’s a cookbook that is so fresh and unique that I am loving it page by page.  It’s filled with ideas to help parents pack lunches for their children that are fun, healthy and taste good.

best lunch box ever book

Tucked between the covers are 75 recipes. It’s a smorgasbord of ideas from wraps and sandwiches to pizzas and salads. One of the things that I love about this cookbook, is that while it may have been created with kiddos in mind, every recipe is one that I want to try for myself!

I know Miss M came home last year and let me know her BFF always had the EXACT same lunch. It’s a rut we fall into. The kiddos eat it or it’s easy. Best Lunch Box Ever breaks free of that rut and adds some excitement to the game!

The book begins with Brown Bag Basics. This chapter covers nutrition advice and makes those lunchtime favorites healthier. From there we move to the second chapter which shares tips on getting organized (ahem–something I struggle with) and how to plan ahead. There are recipes for chickpea panini and deconstructed Caprese cherry tomatoes and mozzarella on skewers. and Turkey sandwiches with hummus and romaine.

best lunch box ever katie morford

The titles of the recipes are fun and creative. Take the salad made with kid-friendly ingredients named “Where’s Waldorf”…it is made with apple, raisins, and lunch box slaw, crunchy vegetables, and a slightly sweet dressing of rice vinegar, brown sugar, and soy sauce.

No matter how picky your eater, this book covers it all from all-time favorites like pizza, wraps, and roll-ups, to putting a new spin on those leftovers.

It’s healthy lunches without laboring over the lunch box.

Best Lunch Box Ever would make a great gift to anyone you know who packs lunch for their kiddos.

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