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Wilderness at the Smokies River Lodge

I received a complimentary stay at Wilderness at the Smokies in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

The date had been circled on my calendar for weeks. Only I knew its significance–Wilderness at the Smokies. My kiddos will do anything for a waterpark. We packed up the car without saying a word to them, and then we revealed our destination–Tennessee’s largest waterpark!

Wilderness at the smokies on our way

It was a big deal!

They wanted to know all about what was waiting. We said nothing, aside from the fact we were headed to Tennessee. They were giddy; they hadn’t been to Tennessee ever. A lot to look forward to on this trip.

We often stopped to stretch and enjoy the views. Like this one in Virginia called “Lover’s Leap.”

lovers leap

After a little more than four hours, we had arrived at our destination–Wilderness at the Smokies! The kiddos were giddy, but not to give anything away, just yet, I made them stay in the car while I checked us in.

wilderness at the smokies

Wilderness at the Smokies–picture taken from the outdoor waterpark

There was a line at check-in, but before I could breathe heavy, it was my turn. It was easy, and the staff was delightful and willing to answer my questions. Lickity split, I had the keys, went back to the car to get the kiddos, and this vacation was GO!

The kiddos headed for the elevator, and once on our floor, we walked the hallway. We stayed at the River Lodge. It has an outdoor theme. The hallway is forest green with a muted burgundy accent. Pine cones are printed on the carpet.

Wilderness at the Smokies hallway

Then the kiddos found our room. A Junior Deluxe Suite. This is not our room number, but I wanted to share how fun the theme is that runs through the River Lodge at Wilderness at the Smokies.

wilderness at the smokies room number

Then the door opened, and my kiddos were just filled with “oh!” and “Ah!” and then a squee!

wilderness at the smokies bunk beds

Bunk beds!

The kiddos LOVED this room—a twin bunk bed on top and a full-size bed on the bottom. Log frame gave it a rustic feel. They wasted no time in claiming their beds!

wilderness at the smokies bunk bed suite

The rest of the room was just as impressive.

A divider wall stands between the bunk beds and the living area, where a Queen size bed awaits!

Wilderness at the Smokies Queen bed

This room also offers a living area with a couch, a small table, and two chairs. There is a flat-screen television.

wilderness at the smokies breakfast area

This room has a balcony. The balcony is made from Trex Decking, so there are no worries about splinters. We overlooked the parking lot and time-share condos. The balcony was a great evening sitting area for us, and the children enjoyed going out to take in Tennessee.

wilderness at the smokies deck

Even in the rain, this room and view were perfect.

wilderness at the smokies balcony

The room is a long rectangle. Going back through the room, a small kitchen area is at the end of the bunk beds. It offers a refrigerator, microwave, small coffee maker, sink, and countertop. It was the perfect answer for lunches in the room and snacks.

Next to the kitchen area is a built-in dresser and television. The kiddos loved winding down to their favorite show while resting in bed.

wilderness at the smokies kitchen

Downstairs in the lobby, there is even a place you can rent or buy videos to watch in your room.

wilderness at the smokies movie rental

When you walk into the room, there is a full-size bathroom. I loved all the towel hooks and rods to hang our towels…and let swimming suits dry.

Wilderness at the smokies bathroom

The kiddos absolutely loved this room and were content being here. I loved the room dividers. It gave everyone privacy. The room was quiet, and the colors were relaxing.

One of the great perks at River Lodge is for each adult breakfast or dinner buffet purchase, receive a children’s (age 11 and younger) breakfast or dinner buffet FREE! The buffet offers prime rib, chicken, pizza, macaroni and cheese, fresh fruit and salad, an ice cream sundae-making are and more. Available only to guests staying at the Wilderness at the Smokies.

But…. there’s a lot to do at Wilderness at the Smokies, and so we left the room to discover the fun at Wilderness at the Smokies! We headed to Adventure Forest and the waterpark!

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