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Deciding On What Type Of a New Pool Is Best For You

If you’ve decided to get a new pool, then you’re probably pretty excited about the prospects of enjoying it during the hot months of summer. You’re probably thinking about all of those poolside parties you’re going to have and all of the poolside side chilling you’ll enjoy. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to interrupt your fantasy for just a moment and remind you that you have a big decision that you need to make before you even purchase a new pool. And that decision is deciding on the type of pool that you want and that you can afford.

One of the most frequently asked questions people have before they buy a new pool is what type of pool they need. Are they okay with settling for an inflatable pool, or are they looking for permanent above-ground pools or even in-ground pools? If you look solely at statistics, you’ll see that out of the 8.4 million swimming pools in the U.S., approximately 4.6-million are in-ground pools, and 3.5-million are above-ground pools. The remaining 300,000 are commercial swimming pools. However, those statistics probably aren’t that useful, so allow us to give you some facts that might be useful.

Step One: Decide On an Inflatable Or A Permanent Pool

To make things as easy as possible for you, we’re going to break down the process of deciding on either an inflatable, in-ground, or permanent pool. In this section, you will be asked to consider whether you want an inflatable pool or a permanent one.

To decide whether you would be better off with an inflatable pool or a permanent one, you’re first to have to ask yourself a few questions about why you want a pool. Below are some of the questions you might want to ask yourself about whether a permanent pool is right for you or if you’re better off with an inflatable pool.

Family floating in backyard pool

Do You Need A Permanent Pool?

One of the first questions you should probably ask yourself is whether you need a permanent pool or not. Not everyone needs or wants a pool for regular use. Some people just want a quick setup pool they can use for a special event. A pool they can put away when the event has passed. Other people want an inflatable pool that’s small and safer to use by their children. It all depends on your needs and how you plan to use the pool.

Can You Afford A Permanent Pool?

The first question is if a permanent pool is in your budget. In-ground pools tend to be the most expensive, but above-ground pools can also have a pretty hefty price tag, especially if you have to have a contractor come out and grade the area or set up the electrical system for the pool. And if you have children, you can have to think about installing gates and pool alarms. Some of these safety devices might even be mandated by local regulations. That can also drive up the final price of a pool, says Home Guide. Inflatable pools, on the other hand, can be quite affordable.

Do You Have Space For A Permanent Pool?

The last thing to think about is whether you have the space for an inflatable pool. Space might be a big problem for you if you have a smaller than average backyard or if you live in an apartment. In those instances, an inflatable pool might be the best pool option for you.

By this point in this article, you should have a good idea of whether you need an inflatable pool or a permanent pool. If you only need an inflatable one, you can stop reading this article right now. However, if you decide that you do need a permanent pool, then you’re going to want to continue to the next section.

Step Two: Decide On a Type Of Permanent Pool You Need

If you’re reading this section, then you have most likely decided that an inflatable pool isn’t suitable for you and that you’d like to get a permanent pool. At this point, we’d like to say that you don’t have any more decisions to make, but that’s not the case. Now you have to decide whether you want an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool.

Consider The Cost

The first thing that you’re going to need to think about is cost. In-ground pools tend to cost more than above-ground pools. That’s because the ground has to be excavated, and professional installers have to be used for the process. Above-ground pools are less expensive, and many of them are available in kit form that allows you to set them up yourself.

Safety Issues

Another thing to consider is the safety issues of both pools, reminds Pool Safety. Generally, above-ground pools tend to be safer than in-ground pools. Approximately 58% of pool fatalities occur in in-ground pools, while 32% of fatalities occur in permanent above-ground pools, and 10% occur in inflatable pools. However, both pools can be quite safe with the proper fencing, gates, and pool alarms in place. 

Home Values

In-ground pools tend to add value to a home, while above-ground pools do not. While this might not be a major concern for most people, it’s something to consider if you’re thinking of selling your home sometime in the future.


Both of these permanent pools require upkeep, but the level of maintenance between the two isn’t equal. While both pools require regular cleaning, filtering, and keeping the water chemistry balanced, in-ground pools tend to hold up better than above-ground. However, with that said, when in-ground pools do need to be repaired or renovated, it can be quite an expensive prospect. 

And that’s all there is to it to decide between these three pool types. Hopefully, we’ve helped you determine if you want an inflatable, permanent above-ground pool or an in-ground pool.

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