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What is the Worst Wet Dog Food to Avoid?

TheDogDigest on the quest for the worst Wet Dog Food

Taking care of your furry companion’s dietary needs is more complicated than it may seem, especially to the untrained eye.

If this is your first time becoming a pet owner, you need to pay careful attention to the food you feed your furry friend.

Making poor choices on your dog’s diet can become the reason why they’ll become sickly.

Most dog owners who pay attention to what their dogs eat navigate the vast sea of dog food offer relatively quickly: they know how to analyze labels and find what they’re looking for.

For first-time owners—who think of dog food as an essential element of their puppy’s wellbeing—the job of digging up the food that meets canine dietary needs might appear like an infinite loop of bouncing back and forth between supermarket shelves.

With the number of dog food, bully sticks from, and other treats available in the market today, choosing one for your pet can become a struggle.

Fortunately, some people are committed to sharing the results of their extensive search for the perfect can.

TheDogDigest is one of those places where the staff spends weeks looking at dozens of dog food brands on the market and sifts through them until they find the most suitable food for both pure- or crossbred pups or explain what makes a particular food good or bad.

wet dog food in bowl

Learning to read canned food labels

There are several things to consider when discerning between high- and low-quality dog chows.

One of the requirements calls for the source of protein—or meat—to be named without hiding behind shady or incomprehensible descriptions.

Items such as meat or grain meals should be banned from the ingredients list.

Another piece of advice for manufacturers is to rely only on wholesome foods as the source of energy and micronutrients.

Whole grains, for example, are an excellent source of slow-release energy.

When processed, carbs in grains are quickly released into the dog’s body, leading to a spike in blood sugar levels.

In the long run, that can lead to chronic high blood sugar, which may cause liver problems.

The same goes for vegetables—carrots and potatoes used in production should be fresh, not cooked, and mashed a couple of times over.

Another thing to stay away from is foods with artificial colors and flavors—your dog might like it, but that chow won’t do them any good.

Besides, this usually means that the food is so devoid of its original taste and appearance that the producer had to improve it by stuffing additives.

Both canned and kibble can be complete and balanced

The requirements for a complete and balanced diet listed above can be found in wet and dry food.

The main difference between them is the moisture content.

Canned recipes contain up to eight times more moisture than dry ones, which affects the share of essential nutrients.

Kibble is more calorie-dense, which means that a puppy needs less of it to keep its bellies full.

In other words, to get the required amount of, let’s say, protein, your furball needs to consume more of a particular canned brand compared to dehydrated kibbles.

That is particularly important for puppies prone to gaining weight.

Wet food is less likely to make your pup put on a few pounds due to the high percentage of water in the tasty gravy.

Consider your dog’s needs when choosing between canned and kibble

When looking for dog food, take cues from your furry friend.

Canned meals and crunchy kibble pieces can both have high nutritional value, which is why your choice can be guided by your pooch’s own needs and taste.

The pooch’s age is the first to consider when choosing between dry and wet grub.

Seniors and small puppies may enjoy eating wet food as it is easier on their teeth.

Whelps’ gnashers aren’t as strong as mature dogs, while seniors’ dental health decays more and more over time.

Another thing we learned from TheDogDigest is that wet food tastes better.

Dogs seem to find canned food more delicious, and we’ll take their word for it!

Also, it can serve as a source of hydration due to the high moisture content.

This comes in handy, for instance, during long trips when your fluff isn’t getting enough water.

On the other hand, Kibble can help the pooch have better dental hygiene.

Crunchy pieces help remove dental plaque from the teeth.

For those who like to take their dogs on vacation, dry food is more practical as it is lighter to carry.

Ask for help from your local vet.

Choosing the kind of food to give to your dog can be stressful, especially if you haven’t been in the same situation in the past.

First-time pet owners have to carefully scout the market for options and assess which genuinely fit their furry friends’ dietary needs.

If you want to save time and effort from going through this process (which can often happen repeatedly because your first purchase doesn’t always warrant the best results), opt to consult your vet for recommendations.

Being a dog owner isn’t a walk in the park for the first time, but regularly visiting your vet can make the responsibility easier and lighter.

Vets have spent years learning about dogs and everything about them—from their behavior to their diets and even health problems—which means that working with them will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re only giving your dog the best diet.

If you still see yourself struggling to decide on what kind of food or diet to give to your furry friend, schedule an appointment with your vet right away.

They can help you make a sound decision and ensure that your dog’s health and safety aren’t compromised during the process.

They can even provide recommendations on the best food for your dog regardless of whether your pet has allergies or is currently suffering from medical conditions.

Head over to TheDogDigest for more info on wet dog food

With all this info, we have barely scraped the surface on the subject of canned dog food every pooch owner should avoid.

This is just a taste of what’s to come if you hop over to TheDogDigest to find out what are the nastiest wet dog food brands on the market.

And once you’ve become an expert for canned food, explore the rest of the website to see what else these dedicated canine specialists have prepared for you.

From food reviews and advice on picking the food for any size and age to fun facts about dogs and much information on different types of purebred dogs and crosses, TheDogDigest has it all.

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