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Virtual Vacation Tour to New York City

The Big Apple at Your Desktop!

Thanks to, the premier provider of software and technology for real-time, rich media, interactive social networking, anyone can take a trip to the Big Apple with their “Virtual Trip to NYC” video.

You can also check out these amazing New York facts on before paying a visit. 

The kiddos and I just got back from a trip to New York. The heat outside was getting to them so we rallied around the computer and went on a vacation. 

I was expecting a state-of-the-art video and instead, discovered the video to be my kinda real.

The video is taken from the first-person perspective and reminds me so much of something I would take myself.

It was like watching a playback of our day in New York.

I loved this angle as it made it more “real” for me and the children.

The Virtual Trip to NYC video incorporates popular summer hot-spots in New York like:

Central Park

Join the scenic walk-thru

Take a boat ride at the Central Park Boathouse

Hang out in Sheep’s Meadow and Strawberry Fields

Fly a kite

Visit Central Park Zoo

Try some ice cream

Take a bike ride on the paths

Virtual Vacation to New York

Times Square

 Walk-through to see the sights

People-watch at the bleachers

Check out the street performers

 Walk-through to see the sights of Time Square in the New York Virtual tour

Madison Square Park

Try the famous Shake Shack burgers

Highline Park

Check out the Highline art exhibits

Enjoy the amazing view

Try the beer at the Standard beer garden

Relax on the lounge chairs

Washington Square Park

Watch the people play in the fountain

Check out the street performers

Find a great outdoor cafe

Read a book on a bench

washington Square park in new york

The Divine Miss M was surprised to see that New York looked a lot like where we live (walking through the park).

She was enchanted by the sounds and how similar and yet different our hometown is from New York.

Li’l Man wants to go to the Central Park Amusement Park because every ride there is on his must-do-this-summer list!

This trip won’t cost a dime, bring the kiddos in from the heat, or just take a virtual vacation from your desk and begin the journey of New York!

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