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Village Candle Versatile Home Decor

Village Candle is a well-known American candle company that specializes in producing high-quality scented candles and home fragrance products. Founded in 1993 by Paul Aldrich in Maine, Village Candle has gained popularity for its wide range of scents, long-lasting burn times, and distinctive glass jar designs.

Here are some key features and highlights of Village Candle:

  1. Scent Variety: Village Candle offers an extensive selection of scents, catering to a diverse range of preferences. Their fragrance options include floral, fruity, spicy, woody, and seasonal scents, among others.
  2. High-Quality Ingredients: The company prides itself on using premium ingredients to create their candles. They use a blend of food-grade paraffin wax and high-quality fragrance oils, which contribute to a strong and long-lasting scent throw when the candles are lit.
  3. Double Wick Technology: Many Village Candles feature a double wick design, which helps provide an even burn and an excellent scent distribution throughout the room.
  4. Eco-Friendly Practices: Village Candle is committed to sustainable practices. They aim to minimize their environmental impact by using recyclable materials in their packaging and ensuring responsible sourcing of ingredients.
  5. Home Fragrance Products: Apart from candles, Village Candle also produces other home fragrance products, such as reed diffusers, wax melts, and room sprays, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite scents in various ways.
  6. Seasonal Collections: The company releases special seasonal collections for events like Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays, offering unique and limited-edition scents to celebrate the occasion.

Please note that the company might have evolved, introduced new products, or changed their practices since my last update in 2021. To get the most current and accurate information about Village Candle, I recommend checking their official website or other reliable sources.

Our Village Candle Versatile Home Decor Review

I love candles. They add fragrance to my home and allow me moments to relax. I enjoy the flickering light from the candle wick and the decorative containers and colors.

To me, a candle is versatile home decor!

These days I’m singing praises for Village Candle.

With traditional scents and some unique scents, there’s something for every home, every occasion, and every mood.

village candle canyon sunset

For my home, I chose Canyon Sunset. Aromas of orange, mandarin, jasmine, lavender, and clove with notes of cedarwood and patchouli make this candle one of my favorite scents.

It’s not heavy, but a nice blend that seems to whisper the various aromas.

Canyon Sunset is part of their OUTDOORS fragrances.

The glass container can be re-purposed once the candle burns out.

It may take some time as I’ve been burning mine daily for six days and it’s still got lots of burning left.

Village Candles are available in both 14.5 and 22.5-ounce varieties.

They are hand-poured and I found the shipping to be meticulous in packaging and quick.

It is also a personal experience with their shipping as they track the weather and zone shipping to ensure the safe arrival of your candle.

My experience with this candle makes Village Candle one of my favorite brands with its presentation and high-quality.

They offer a variety of fragrances from Balsam Fir to Brownie delight making it a gift or accessory in any room.

The scent is subtle, not overpowering, and lingers.

village candles two wicks

Village Candle premium candles even offer two candle wicks.

It’s a better experience.

Village Candle pioneered Dual Wick Technology for use in their large candle because two wicks offer three significant advantages over single wick designs.


Village Candle designed unique small diameter wicks that burn more efficiently than the larger wicks found in single wick candles.

It gives the user a better, more efficient, and less soot experience.


Village Candle offers Dual Wick candles where users will notice the candle burns at the same rate as single wick candles.

Two wicks burn the wax so completely that there is little left in the bottom of the jar…more bang for your buck!


Burning a Village Candle Premium Round candle will give you twice the reassuring glow of a single wick candle.

Two wicks also emit more of the fresh, inviting fragrance and you get twice the ambiance in the same space.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

A Village Candle would be a great gift for Mom or for anyone.

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