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A Quick Etiquette Guide For People Who Love To Vape

There has been a continuous rise in the trend of vaping worldwide over quite a few years now. But, despite the gradual hike in the number of people making a switch towards vaping, not all vapers are accountable enough to carry their vaping business responsibly.

Vaping is gaining acceptance in a major part of the world, but not everyone agrees to the same. And, thus it is the responsibility of every person who loves to vape to showcase some etiquette to respect people around them who do not prefer to see vaping clouds and vaping smoke to surround them.

So here is a quick guide of vaping etiquettes that every vaper should follow to save themselves from earning disapproving glances:

Do not leave your vaping kits unattended

If you are a die-hard vape lover, then there are chances that you might be having a lot of e-liquids and other vaping staples. But it doesn’t give you the license to leave the kits willy-nilly, especially if you have kids and pets at home.

Your e-cigarettes may be alluring enough for your kid to catch hold of it and try something that they shouldn’t. So always keep your devices out of reach and out of sight from your children so that you do not encounter a mishap or accident.

Say no to sharing

Yes, we understand that you have grown up hearing the phrase that’ sharing is caring. But the same does not stand true when it comes to vaping devices. While you vape, your friend may feel tempted and may ask you for a puff from your e-cigar, but you should learn to say a ‘no’ for sharing your device.

In such a case, you can ask them to check out furna vaporizer or order a new kit for them so that you can have a vaping session together, but sharing should never be agreed to in case of vaping. After all, you are going to put your cigar multiple times in your mouth, and thus, it should be hygienically safe at all times.

Beautiful brunette smoke electronic cigarette on the summer terrace of restaurant

Vaping at home- ‘yes’ or ‘no’?

If you and your family mates are okay with your vaping at home, then you can go ahead to vape at home.

But even if a single member does not agree to the same, you should consider not to vape at home because your vaping should not interfere with others’ business and should only be carried out at places if people around you do not mind the same. 

Keep small devices

Gone are those days when bigger things were considered to be in style; today is the era of compact and miniature things, and your vaping kits are no exception. Especially when you are in public, you cannot take out your foot-long vaping machine for a vaping session.

All you are going to end up with is grabbing some furious heads turning towards you. Thus, always be in possession of a conservatively colored and compact vaping kit so that your vaping device doesn’t blow unnecessary whistles and horns to make people turn their heads towards you in disgust. 


We hope that we have given you enough preaching about the etiquettes that you should bestow while vaping. Make sure that you remember all of these so that you grow as a responsible vapor in the vaping community.

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