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Update on the CSI Crime Scene Hike

Woman Missing, Presumed Dead


Sunday I shared the adventures of our CSI Crime Scene day hike.  Kimberly Evans, the woman swept over a waterfall (KSL), is presumed dead. While we live in the desert, we get crazy amounts of snow in the mountains–hence our “Greatest Snow on Earth” license plates. Due to the snowmelt, water tables are high and rapid and searchers have had to call off the search.

Joe Clark, the gentleman on the first date with Kimberly Evans is recovering. He suffered head and hip injuries that amounted to bumps, scrapes, bruises, and a few souvenir stitches.

New information has come out, revealed by Joseph Clark. Searchers were uncertain if Kimberly Evans went over the waterfall, but Joseph Clark says that both slipped, they grabbed hands and both went over the waterfall.

Kimberly is still missing. Her backpack and a few personal belongings have been found.

My heart goes out to both families.

Take a moment to hug those you love and don’t put off saying what needs to be said. You just never know.


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