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Understanding Freak Snowstorms Around the World

Here’s how we can understand how each area is coping with the detrimental effects of freak snowstorms around the world.

Today, climate change is one of the most pressing issues that the world is facing. It’s also an extensive issue that branches out in perhaps countless ways. The wildfires in Australia and the Amazon Forest in the previous years were because of climate change. The extreme floods that the Eastern Africa region experienced were because of climate change. The decreasing population of polar bears and other animals that dwell in the ice was because of climate change.

So it’s also important to understand that the reports of freak snowstorms around the world today are also because of climate change. Places that usually don’t experience snow, much less extreme snowstorms, are struggling right now. People’s schools, jobs, and overall everyday life were disrupted at alarming levels.


freak snow storm

Texas, United States of America

Among the fifty states of the United States, Texas is ranked as the fourth hottest state all year round. (source Current Results)

During summertime, it goes up to second place as the hottest state. Because of this reputation, people worldwide are confused about the snowstorms happening in the state right now. (NY Times)

It didn’t seem possible that this very hot state is experiencing a snowstorm that disrupted all Texans’ lives.

Because of this extreme weather condition, a myriad of issues is plaguing the state right now. For one, thousands of homes are experiencing burst pipes and flooding. Because of the cold weather, the pipes froze up. And that led to the bursting and flooding. Thousands of families right now need the services of plumbers to fix this problem.

Apart from that is, of course, the power outages. The power plants weren’t equipped to withstand such extreme cold conditions. Some even said that the energy regulators of Texas failed in ensuring the capacity of the power plants. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas was able to bring back the electricity for about 1.6 million homes. Although this is certainly good news, it also means that there are still around two million people who are suffering from power outages.

Countries in the Middle East

In some areas of the countries of the Middle East, it’s not unusual to experience snow. But in some areas, snow only comes once every generation. The last time that freezing conditions had hit the region was back in 2013. The 2013 Middle East Cold Snap affected Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt.

But, today, the region is experiencing another round of freak snowstorms. Certain parts of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, and Israel are covered in snow. In cities such as Marjayoun (Lebanon) and Bayda (Libya), this is the first time it snowed in several years.

Much like in Texas, these snowstorms led to power outages in the said countries, especially Lebanon. Because of this weather condition, the everyday lives of many people are also disrupted. Schools were halted. Some offices are closed altogether. Even camels, which are natural dwellers of deserts and extreme heat, were confused by the snow in this region. In a viral video, camels were seen braving the snow in Saudi Arabia. (Newsweek)

Athens, Greece

Unlike the state and countries previously mentioned, Greece is not inexperienced with snow. But this doesn’t mean that they’re fully equipped to experience extreme snowstorms. Right now, the weather got so bad that iconic tourist attractions look very different right now.

The snowstorm right now is the worst snowstorm that Greece has seen in over a decade. This left the Acropolis in Athens blanketed in snow for the first time in generations. Because this area and the Parthenon have been standing for over two thousand years, there’s no doubt that it has seen its fair share of snow. But the image of snow blanketing this area is certainly a rare sight for the Greeks of today.

Another detrimental effect of the snowstorm in Greece is the halted vaccination drive for COVID-19. (EuroNews)

Vaccines for the coronavirus are the most sought-after thing in the world right now. The Greeks are frustrated because they’re about to get vaccinated. And they’ve been waiting for this for months. But instead, they’re told by the authorities to stay at home and wait for the storm to pass.

Knowing about these snowstorms happening today would help us gain a deeper understanding of climate change. The evidence of its effects is right in front of us. But the first step to helping the world overcome it is understanding it. This way, we’ll know exactly what’s the best solution.

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