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Undercover Mama Nursing Tank #Review

Undercover Mama nursing tanks are such a wonderfully simple luxury that as I put mine on, I wondered, “Why didn’t I come up with something like this?”.   The tank hooks on any nursing bra and makes every shirt a nursing shirt.  When you are ready to nurse, you can maintain the one-step process of un-hooking your nursing bra while maintaining modesty and not showing your midriff while you pull your outer shirt up.

How many of us moms after giving birth just want to wear our comfortable pre-maternity clothes again?  There probably aren’t many of us new moms that want to deal with the straps, snaps, flaps, and buttons that most nursing shirts require.  When I pulled out my maternity / nursing pajamas for my fourth pregnancy, I couldn’t even figure out how to make the shirt lay flat because of the side clasps and ribbons for nursing!  Of course, the alternative to wearing nursing shirts has been to lift one’s shirt, thus exposing all of one’s belly and half of the back, which, let’s face it, is not the prettiest sight right after a woman has given birth.  Undercover Mama nursing tank fixes the immodesty issue and eliminates all of the extra straps, buttons, and snaps.  Literally, a quick hook on to your nursing bra makes your shirt good to go for nursing!

Now, I will be bluntly honest here and tell you that not all of us pregnant women like our larger-than-life busts that come with the little one growing in us; however, I must be one of the minority because MOST maternity shirts are so low-cut that I feel uncomfortable.  I have never liked wearing a cami because the straps fall down around my shoulders or the straps get stretched out and the cami becomes just as low-cut as the shirt that I was trying to fix!  The Undercover Mama fixes that!  I simply hook the tank to my maternity  or regular bra and it becomes a cami without the straps to deal with.  It is so lightweight and comfortable that I don’t even realize that I have a tank on!

Here’s how the Undercover Mama works:

Larger than Life Bust makes modesty in most shirts impossible

A larger-than-life Bust makes modesty in most shirts impossible

A quick attachment of the Undercover Mama to the existing bra strap

A quick attachment of the Undercover Mama to the existing bra strap

Welcome back Modesty with the Undercover Mama

Welcome back modesty with the Undercover Mama

The combed cotton makes the Undercover Mama tank soft enough to wear all the time, while the tiny bit of spandex allows the shirt to stretch and move and still remain snug after a long day of wear.  It is recommended that if you are between sizes to order DOWN a size so that it will be snug.  They recommend a size smaller than your shirt size.

The owners of Undercover Mama also want to pay their success forward, which is something I admire in a company.  Undercover Mama was started for less than a thousand dollars by a stay-at-home mom on a tight budget who couldn’t get a bigger loan simply because she had been out of the workforce so long. At Undercover Mama, they know how much every little bit can help. There are many across the world with great ideas and the desire to start their own business.  They work with World Vision’s Micro fund to help women around the world.

Undercover Mama will even work with a regular bra after I finish nursing as a modesty camisole!  With so many color options – black, brown, cream, white, gray, pink, and nude – there is certain to be a color good for every shirt!


This is a post by Lauralee

*I received an Undercover Mama in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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