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Udderly Smooth Review

My Grandpa, who turned 93 on Thursday, was once a cattle rancher. A few years ago, we were all sitting around the table, and Grandpa started picking at his arm. I asked what happened and he said, “I just get carried away, but when I get a hold of myself, I remember I have this.” Then he reached to the middle of the table dipped his fingers in a jar, and smeared the cream all over his arm. “Best stuff ever. It’s for use on dairy cows, but I like it for myself!”

Turns out Grandpa knows a thing or two about creams. Udderly Smooth® IS great for dairy cows, but it’s an amazing product that contains s rich moisturizing ingredients to soothe and help rejuvenate the worst dry or cracked skin.

udderly smooth

photo courtesy of Udderly Smooth

This winter, we’ve had little snow, but the thermometer has been hovering low. It’s chilly. We are on the go outside in the cold and then return to crank up the furnace or hubby makes a fire. We’re taking hot baths, and while it may feel like pampering, it’s creating chapped and cracked skin that itches and hurts!

Lotions just don’t cut it; however, after using Udderly Smooth Body Cream, we’re getting our beauty back! Udderly Smooth penetrates deep and rejuvenates the skin. I started using it on my hands, then thought my feet needed some pampering. The Divine Miss M thinks it’s the world’s most amazing lip moisturizer and Li’l Man thinks it rocks at soothing his dry elbows! It took us using it just once to be impressed and now, a week later, we’re lovin’ it even more!

A pharmacist originally developed Udderly Smooth to apply to the udders of dairy cows that often endured tough weather conditions, but it was soon discovered that its rich moisturizing ingredients also quickly healed extremely dry, cracked, and split human skin (of the farmers applying the cream to the cows!). Told you my Grandpa knows a thing or two! Today, you can find it at major retailers like Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, and elsewhere for an average retail price of $5.75. In Canada, it is available at Walmart, Zellers, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, and TSC, among other retailers.

As an added bonus, we think the cow spots make it udderly fun!

Udderly Smooth has a light fresh fragrance that’s perfect for the whole family, so you can stash it anywhere, from the diaper bag to the tool box.  The12 oz. cow-spotted container is the long-lasting, go-to body cream for all skin types that will work ‘til the cows come home! It will never cease in providing the quick, deep down hydration your skin needs this winter and year round.

Check out the complete line of Udderly Smooth products at, and connect with Udderly Smooth on Facebook or Twitter  for great tips and fun giveaways. When they reach 3,000 fans they’ll be giving away 30 jars of Udderly Smooth!

*I received Udderly Smooth in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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