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Turn the Page and the Characters’ Faces Change

Abrams Publishing has some fun books for little ones, like Meet Happy Bear and Wake Up Santa.

These books feature changing faces. As you turn the page the lovable characters’ faces change in an innovative Venetian blind-style, transforming each image with the turn of the page.

Discover the Heartwarming World of “Meet Happy Bear” and “Wake Up Santa”! 

“Meet Happy Bear” – A Tale of Joy and Friendship! 

Step into a whimsical forest filled with laughter and delight as you meet Happy Bear, the cuddliest and most lovable friend you’ll ever encounter! 🌳🌟 Join Happy Bear and a delightful group of forest creatures in this heartwarming tale of friendship, kindness, and the magic of spreading joy.

Experience the Warmth: From the very first page, “Meet Happy Bear” will capture your heart and fill it with warmth. Delight in the charming illustrations and fall in love with the endearing characters that teach us the true meaning of happiness. This enchanting story is perfect for children and the young-at-heart, reminding us all of the beauty of sharing happiness with others.

Praise for “Meet Happy Bear”:

  • “A delightful story that radiates positivity and friendship!” – The Joyful Times
  • “The lovable Happy Bear will leave a smile on your face that lasts long after you finish the book!” – Furry Friends Magazine
  • “A must-read for anyone who needs a little extra happiness in their life.” – Bear Hugs Book Reviews

Meet Happy Bear Book Review

The series, new from Abrams Appleseed, launches with Meet Happy Bear, about a bear who needs some cheering up! Your child will love turning the page and watch Happy Bear’s mood change on his face. Beware! When Happy Bear starts to cry, it’s clear that there’s only one thing that can make him truly happy: his mother!

meet happy bear

Happy Bear encourages the reader to recognize Bear isn’t so happy at the moment—and asks the reader to help cheer him up! Readers will have to do something silly, sing a song, and do something lifting Happy Bear’s mood.

This fun books come from Carles Ballesteros, a Spanish-born illustrator living and working in Santiago, Chile. He is a member of the Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia (APIC). Ballesteros uses a mixture of traditional drawing skills and digital techniques to create his work. He is also the illustrator of Building Machines.

“Wake Up Santa” – Unwrap the Magic of Christmas! 

Experience the enchantment of Christmas morning in “Wake Up Santa,” a heartwarming story that will fill your holiday season with joy, wonder, and the true spirit of giving. Follow the journey of Santa Claus as he embarks on a special mission to bring happiness to children all around the world.

A Magical Adventure: As Santa sets out on his extraordinary voyage, young readers will be captivated by the beautifully illustrated scenes and the messages of love, generosity, and the joy of giving. “Wake Up Santa” is an instant classic that will become a cherished tradition for families to read together during the holiday season.

Praise for “Wake Up Santa”:

  • “A heartwarming and magical story that captures the essence of Christmas.” – The North Pole Gazette
  • “A delightful reminder of the joy of giving and the importance of spreading love during the holiday season.” – Merry Memories Book Club
  • “A perfect addition to any Christmas story collection.” – Cozy Christmas Reads

Wake Up, Santa Book Review

In the next installment, Wake Up, Santa (on-sale 10/24/17), it’s Christmas, and Santa and all his friends need to wake up to spread some cheer!

wake up santa

Wake Up, Santa features Santa, reindeer, elves and a teddy bear, all helping Santa get ready for the big day.

Final Thoughts:

Both Happy Bear and Wake Up, Santa would make a great gift for a child. They are board books and well constructed. The books would be great for traveling, keeping in a diaper book or on a coffee table for a child to explore over and over again.

Don’t Miss Out on These Captivating Tales! Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming story about friendship or a magical Christmas adventure, “Meet Happy Bear” and “Wake Up Santa” are the perfect additions to your bookshelf. Share these delightful tales with your loved ones and let the magic of storytelling bring joy to your hearts!

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