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Sleep Like A Baby Before and After Pregnancy

Although standard health insurance provides cover for childbirth and care during pregnancy, many health complications can occur after giving birth. Many women live with the problems and don’t seek medical advice from their physicians because they can’t afford to or they don’t realize that treatment is available.

pregnant woman holding belly

Physical Health Problems

The most common problems include incontinence, hemorrhoids back pain, or separated stomach muscles, to name but a few, and many other physical conditions that have yet to be linked directly to pregnancy.

Although some of the conditions can be treated by exercise at home, sometimes they may require medical intervention by physiotherapy or worst-case scenario, surgery to correct. This can be very costly if you don’t have an adequate maternal health insurance policy to cover you for post-natal as well as prenatal care.

Even before treatment, getting a diagnosis can run into thousands of dollars, with X-rays, lab tests, and physician fees to consider. If you then require surgery, the costs can increase significantly, especially if the surgery involves an overnight stay in the hospital as an in-patient. Medical procedures cost far more in the States than in any other country. The average cost of a one-day stay in a hospital last year was $4,293.

If physiotherapy is required, this can include a lengthy treatment program and is normally billable by the minute. Physio costs can, therefore, be very expensive also.

mental health Problems

Post-natal depression is a condition that many mothers experience after giving birth. According to recent studies, it is a common problem that affects 1 in 10 women after their baby has been delivered. Although postnatal depression usually starts in the first year after giving birth, it is not always identified, diagnosed, or treated early. This delay in diagnosis and treatment can have an impact on how long the depression will last. There are various treatments available from your physician, but you may need to be referred to a specialist mental health unit for treatment, and this can be very costly without adequate health insurance coverage.                

As a result of women’s reproductive system, when it comes to health and wellbeing, unfortunately, there is a gender gap. Women do need access to the health system more than men do. It is therefore important that women don’t neglect their health and undermine potential health issues that could arise in the future.


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