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Tropical Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar Review

We received a Tropical Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.


Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar is made with 70% Organic Cacao and organic sugar. 


Nothing else!


No unpronounceable chemicals or ingredients.

It’s just organic, pure ingredients!

That may be the reason that Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar tastes sooo Good!

Dark chocolate should be simple without extra additives.

congo dark chocolate bar in dish

Do you know how or why dark chocolate is good for you? 

Dark Chocolate, according to the American Heart Association, contains high levels of flavonoids, which are heart-healthy. 

Flavonoids are compounds found in plant foods that are well studied for their ability to reduce cancers and lower the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure in adults.

Pure chocolate stimulates the heart and reduces blood pressure. 

It also produces Serotonin; this is the chemical that your body that gives you that I’m-Good-and-Feeling-Fine feeling. 

Our body naturally releases serotonin when we experience love…and who doesn’t love chocolate?!

Pure chocolate also contains antioxidants and molecules that reduce cell oxidation, which slows the Aging Process!!

Wait, What?!

Pure Chocolate puts you in a Happy Mood, and it helps your Heart and Slows the Aging Process?!

We are certainly not mad about this.

Yes, Please!!

Sign Me Up!!! 

I’ll have a few of the Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bars!

Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bare comes in a 3.5oz/100gr Bar. 

This is a big bar of dark chocolate. 

My take on dark chocolate is that most dark chocolate has a bitter flavor that is followed by bland-tasting chocolate.

This dark chocolate by Tropical Congo is not that chocolate.

Congo Organic Dark Chocolate has a smooth, rich, creamy, chocolate taste. 

It doesn’t have the sharp bitterness that most dark chocolate has.

The Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar is scored, making it easy to just break some off and enjoy a couple of times a day.

congo dark chocolate bar is scored

The pieces are big enough to share one piece of a square with friends. 

There is plenty for Everyone!

Just a bite of the Congo Organic Dark Chocolate will help you have a Happy Peaceful Day!  

Who doesn’t want that??

congo dark chocolate bar pieces in bowl

You can use the Congo Organic Dark Chocolate for cooking, baking, or just break a piece off to eat a couple of times a day as a snack or a treat.

You could melt some Congo Organic Dark Chocolate and dip some fresh strawberries in the Congo Organic Dark Chocolate. 

Who doesn’t love dark chocolate-covered strawberries?congo dark chocolate dipped strawberry

You can make some of the Congo Organic Dark Chocolate-covered strawberries for yourself, a treat for two, or make a big batch and take them to a pot luck luncheon or dinner! 

How to Make Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries:


6 ounces Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar.

15-20 medium strawberries, washed and dried


Line a sheet pan with waxed paper or parchment paper. 

Grate the Congo chocolate in a medium, heatproof bowl.

Reduce microwave to half power and place bowl in the microwave for 30-seconds.

Remove from microwave and stir.

Repeat 30-second increments, stirring after each cycle until chocolate is melted and smooth.

Once the chocolate is melted and smooth, hold a strawberry by the stem and dip into the dark chocolate, lift, while twisting slightly.

Allow any excess chocolate to drip back into the bowl.

After dipping, place strawberry on the prepared sheet pan.

Repeat until all strawberries are dipped.

When the last strawberry has been dipped and placed on the paper, slide the pan into the refrigerator for 15 minutes before serving to firm the chocolate.

Store chocolate-dipped strawberries uncovered in the refrigerator for one day. Do NOT freeze dipped strawberries as the moisture released during the thawing period will ruin the chocolate coating.

You could use the Congo Organic Dark Chocolate in many different baking goods such as cookies, cakes, pies. 

congo tropical dark chocolate bar on counter

But, it’s absolutely delicious straight from the wrapper!

So whether you just want a bite of the Congo Organic Dark Chocolate bars as a pick me up and make my day feel a little better, or if you want to share a bite of Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar with a few friends, you’ll have the most decadent time.

You could have a Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar baking party with some friends.

Everyone’s taste buds will enjoy this Smooth, Creamy, Chocolate flavor of the Congo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar!!

Made in Costa Rica using the finest cacao beans for the most delicious flavor.

From the Congo Tropical website, you can learn more or purchase these delicious organic dark chocolate bars in packs of 5 (100 grams) for $44.70 or a 10-pack (40 grams) for $42.99.

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