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Travel Decor Ideas for the Jetsetter’s Home

Although only about 42 percent of U.S. residents own a passport, those with one use it often (Telegraph). And let’s not forget that even if you don’t have a passport, travel within the U.S. offers plenty of jet-setting opportunities!

If you’re a frequent flyer (or road-tripper), you probably spend a limited amount of time at home. And when you’re not home often, it’s tempting to feel like there’s no point in decorating. However, the right travel decor can make every home respite you take feel great, even briefly.

Ready to try some new travel decor ideas? Here are our favorites right now!

Travel Decor Ideas for the Jetsetter's Home

Travel Decor Ideas for the Jetsetter’s Home

Artwork From Your Favorite Destinations

The world abounds with travel-themed artwork. But even better, why not display something authentic from a place you love to visit?

You can buy art while you’re on your trip and pack it to bring it home. But if that’s too much hassle, you can also search online marketplaces for authentic artwork that’s ready to be shipped to you.

With this method, each piece will have a great story of when and where you bought it. This makes for a great conversation piece, plus a beautiful reminder of your experience.

Vintage Suitcases

When you find a vintage suitcase at an antique store, don’t use it to pack for your trip. Although beautiful, they tend to be bulky and impractical. Plus, they’ll last longer as pretty installations in your home.

You can use these suitcases as attractive storage spaces for your clothes or accessories. Or, if you collect a few of them, you can stack them to create a unique end table.

Pile of Vintage Shabby Trunks

Local Maps

We do love world maps. You can find all kinds of world map designs that look great on your walls. But to make things even more intriguing, why not hang maps from your favorite destinations?

Your options for local maps to hang are nearly endless. A framed transit map makes a cool statement. Even a simple map from a national park can look pretty and interesting when displayed nicely.

And, of course, you can always search online to find creative takes on local maps. 

Vintage Maps

If you’re going to hang ordinary maps on your walls, we suggest going with vintage maps. They provide a fascinating insight into the history of a region.

In fact, the oldest maps were also works of art, with incredible drawings in the margins. If you can find a vintage map made at a certain destination, it can teach you a lot about that area’s worldview at the time.

Vintage Map and Wooden Furniture with Ornate

Creative Globes

While world maps look cool on your wall, we all know they don’t really show the accurate proportions of each continent. Why not opt for a globe instead? Even better, globes offer a cool, tactile experience for you and any guests you invite over.

For example, you could pick out a globe with a unique color scheme or unique materials. Or, try a chic globe bar that opens up to reveal a small bar setup inside.

Global business international travel concept.

Scrapbook Shadowbox

If you have a hard time letting go of old tickets, receipts, and other scraps of travel memories, it’s time to find a creative way to display them.

Don’t let those memories sit at the bottom of your bags or drawers. Instead, buy (or make) a shadowbox to serve as a 3D “scrapbook.” You can simply drop your stubs and other mementos into the box, where they’ll stay safe on display.

Photo Gallery

Are your travel pics all displayed on Facebook and Instagram? Take them offline by hanging them in a photo gallery display at home.

You have lots of options for photo display. Even a simple bulletin board stacked with Polaroids can look great. For a more chic display, try arranging photos in a cluster using frames of different sizes. You can keep the frames in one color, or mismatch them for a more boho look.

Decorative Plates

If you’re overbuying keychains, shot glasses, and magnets as souvenirs, why not try decorative plates instead? They’re like the classier, more grown-up version of a souvenir, and they look great on your wall.

Hang a group of decorative plates in one room for a colorful, interesting display. Plus, this is a great way to showcase the local art style without spending a lot on paintings and prints.

Magazine Holders

One way to tap into the local culture is to pick up a copy of a local magazine while you’re traveling. Even if you don’t know the language, seeing the pictures and layout can be fun and fascinating.

Even better — you can bring those magazines home for a cool, worldly display. Just invest in a pretty magazine holder. This is even better than coffee table books!

Cutting Boards

We love travel decor that shows up in unexpected places. Make a subtle statement with a wooden cutting board shaped like your favorite country or state. They’ll start the conversation at your next dinner party and make you feel more cheerful about cutting up vegetables on any night at home.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows might be one of the most polarizing decor items. Some people love them, while others see them as useless. However, we tend to love the cozy feel you can get from piling on throw pillows.

Instead of generic designs, though, why not get a unique pillow from each new destination? You can display local textile designs and patterns on each pillow. Displaying them all together can have a lovely, mismatched travel decor effect.

Which Travel Decor Will You Display?

Whether you use these travel decor ideas or come up with your own, we know this list will get you feeling inspired. From a travel-themed living room to subtle touches here and there throughout the house, you have lots of ways to display your wanderlust at home.

The more unique and location-specific your decor is, the more interesting it will be. But we think you should ultimately display whatever makes you happy.

Which travel decor ideas will you try first? Leave a comment and let us know!

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