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Top Costume Sales Trends for 2011

·         Pretty Princesses: Little girls have always wanted to be princesses, and for the seventh year in a row the NRF is reporting that royalty will take the throne as the top girls’ costume this Halloween. We’re seeing that princesses are even more popular than that, and at Savers more than 32% of toddler girls costumes sold are princesses, and 19% of little girl costumes sold are princesses. To make sure your little one stands out from the throngs of other princesses this year, put together a totally unique costume by finding a fancy little girl’s dress in our aisles of used clothing, then add a few brand new accessories like a fun wig, tiara, wand and faux jewels. Or, if you really want to make sure your little girl lights up the room, Savers offers a variety of new princess and fairy costumes that even have built-in lights for a fun spin on a classic look. These light-up dresses are flying off the shelves and of the 19% of little girls princess costumes, light up represents 50% of those sales.  

·         Ahoy, Mateys!: With the popularity of Johnny Depp’s charismatic and mischevious Jack Black, pirates are also topping the Halloween list this year at 3.9% of all costumes according to NRF. What’s surprising is that our sales data shows that savvy swashbucklers are actually more popular with girls, making up 8% of total girl sales versus 5% of total boys sales. To put together your own unique pirate look, take a flowy white blouse and vest (Tip: Men should also look in the women’s section for some great options!), throw on some black pants and boots, and add a sword, eye patch and bandana from our accessories wall. You can even perch a stuffed animal parrot on your shoulder for an added surprise!

·         Superb Superheroes:  While NRF is reporting that a few select superheroes like Batman (2.4%) and Spiderman (3.1%) made the list this year for kids, the sales data shows this as a top trend for boys and girls, men and women, and even dogs who are excited to show off their secret super powers and embrace their alter ego this Halloween. At Savers none are more excited about the superhero trend than boys with 40% of boys costumes sold comprising of superheroes. But fictional characters aren’t the only ones getting the love this Halloween, real-life superheroes like firemen, policemen, and soldiers are also a top seller for little boys. Whether you want to be a licensed character like Spiderman, take a mask and cape to make your own masked avenger, or if you’d prefer to be an everyday idol, Savers can help you find your perfectly heroic look using pre-packaged costumes, gently used uniforms or new accessories.

·         Critters, Animals and Bugs: Another trend that didn’t show up in NRF’s survey but is showing up in sales results are the popularity of animals and bugs this year. 32% of infant sales are fuzzy animal rompers like lions, leopards and dogs. For toddlers, 12% of girls sales are lady bugs, butterflies and bees, and for little girls these critters and animals are making up 7% of sales. Whether parents are buying a pre-packaged outfit or a few warm clothing items from our gently used aisles paired with some new ears, wings or antennae from the accessory section, it’s clear that plenty of four-legged and flying looks will be coming around October 31.

·         Humor and Classics Lead Adult Looks: When it comes to adult costumes, men are focused on humor with looks that are sure to elicit a giggle – like a crazy life-size banana, cows, or tacky tourists – at 32% of sales. Women are veering toward the classic this year with traditional costumes like geishas, angels, Mother Nature, and Marie Antoinette or Renaissance-inspired looks leading the way.

·         Don’t Forget that Creativity Reigns!: More than half (54 percent) of people planning to dress up this year will either combine new and secondhand items or make their costume by handSo it’s no surprise that accessories are more popular than ever this year. From fairy wings, tutus and tiaras to nunchucks, eye patches and cowboy hats, and even brand-new wigs starting as low as $6, there are fun accessories of every kind to choose from at Savers.  They’re not only a great way to complete your costume, accessories can also help you change up your look from event to event starting as low as $1.99. With Halloween on a Monday this year and a full weekend of celebrating in-store, with just a few tweaks and a few dollars you can make sure your costume stays fresh and fun for every occasion.

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