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Top 5 Home Appliances That Often Break

By now, we are aware that everything has a limited lifespan, and so to speak – so do home appliances. We spend so much on these fancy refrigerators and ovens for the numerous options they entail. Still, we often miss out on getting a warranty to cover the losses and avoid appliance problems.

Specific appliances break down more frequently than others.

Therefore, it is always good to know what machines need more care and protection from wear and tear, leading to hefty repair charges in a non-warranty situation.


Let’s answer the question: “Which appliances are more prone to break down?”.

Different devices such as dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and garbage disposals have a completely incompatible lifespan.

Consequently, you will better know what appliances to cover and understand why they break down so often.

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1. Refrigerators

A broken refrigerator is a highly unwanted situation, the food items inside may rot and expire, and the repairs might be extra costly. Unfortunately, this is a widespread occurrence in households, as it is known that any fridge has a maximum of 10 years life, as then the compressor gives out and breaks down.

To avoid being in such a situation, you better take care of this appliance with attention. You can take simple steps to extend its life than the usual – clean it frequently so that the condenser doesn’t get rusty, and keep the fridge closed when not needed as otherwise, your compressor will have to put in extra work.

2. Washing Machines

Washing machines are probably the most used appliance in any residence, the clothes aren’t going anywhere, and you need them fresh and clean at all times. Due to the extra use, washing machines often break down. The components are in contact with water throughout the washing process, and the constant spinning may usually lessen the life of a washing machine.

Additionally, there are human mistakes that add to the breakdown when using a washing machine. For example, not realizing how much load is enough and not cleaning it up after a wash are factors that may hamper this machine’s lifespan. Therefore, we recommend you always keep the washing machine in a good spot and maintain it after every use.

3. Dishwashers

Imagine having several dirty dishes to wash but a non-working dishwasher. Sounds displeasing, right? Well, dishwashers are another common appliance that breaks down every now and then, and you might have to get it replaced every 12-13 years. The most apparent cause behind the appliance breaking down is dry rot – which affects gaskets, seals, and hoses.

The appropriate way of avoiding a dry rot situation is pretty simple; just use your dishwasher habitually; this way, there will be less time where it’s left dry, and the rot will find no room to make way. Another tip we recommend is using a cleaner, just lather it on the dishwasher, without adding any dishes, and it will do its job.

4. Dryers

Like a washing machine, a dryer is also prone to breaking down and faulty with repetitive use. The reasons may be the same as mentioned earlier, adding more load than the dryer is fit for and not maintaining daily. Furthermore, users often forget to clean up the vent and the lint screen.

We recommend you clean the vent at least once a year and the lint screen after every load; this way, you will be able to enhance the otherwise limited lifespan. Every appliance needs extra care, and dryers top the list with the others listed in this thread.

5. Garbage Disposals

This is another appliance that breaks down due to improper use. The reasons are mainly human errors, such as throwing in bones or any other crusty item that the machine may not dispose of. The device is built for food items and only those that aren’t too tough to break down. If you use it for this very purpose only, it is unlikely that your garbage disposal will break.

Key Takeaway!

If you were wondering what appliances break the most, the list above might have given you a further understanding and a clearer insight. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon knowledge that we must put extra care to preserve them and increase their lifespan.

To avoid being in a situation where an expensive appliance breaks down, and you don’t have enough money to fix it, it is always a viable option to opt for a home warranty company that may help in such times. A fitting example is Complete Care Home Warranty, which aims to provide top-tier packages to its clients.

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