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Top 10 Grilled Pork Recipes: Perfect For The Holidays!

Discover mouthwatering grilled pork recipes for the holidays. Top 10 savory dishes await! 

The following are the top grilled pork recipes I’ve come across recently. Pork is a favorite entrée any time of the year, but these 10 recipes have been selected specifically for their ability to satisfy ravenous family and friends during the holiday seasons. For people interested in the full recipe, simply follow the links.

glazed pork spare ribs

Top 10 Grilled Pork Recipes


10. BBQ kebabs with chile and pumpkin seed salsa 

Kebabs are perhaps the premier pork entrée, and this all-time favorite is fit for any outdoor holiday, but the pumpkin seed salsa and the delicate sweetness of the brown sugar are the perfect flourishes that make this dish a sure-fire alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving. Find the recipe on Epicurious.

9. Grilled maple and softly salted pork chops 

Pork chops with a hint of old-world maple create a light, traditional dish. Although the maple flavoring creates a sweet-tasting dish, the pork chops stand alone. Considering that the pork chops are the star of this entree, this recipe is best prepared with meats from an artisan market. Find the recipe on Epicurious.

8. Pork grillers and pear salsa

For this recipe, the sweet pear salsa helps draw out the pork’s natural flavors and aromas, yet the jalapeno pepper provides a subtle zing. Find the recipe on Taste of Home.

7. Grilled tenderloin draped in molasses and mustard

This favorite recipe ensures the juices remain in the pork. The sweetness of molasses coupled with the spicier mustard emphasizes the tenderloin’s natural flavors. Find the recipe on epicurious.

6. Caribbean-spiced tenderloin with peach salsa 

For people who love a little zest, this softly spicy dish is balanced by sweet peach salsa. The cooking time helps ensure the tenderloins are perfect and tender. Find the recipe on Taste of Home.

5. Pig wings wrapped in bacon 

This recipe can be summarized as tender, delicious twist on a classic. Sliced pork chops are wrapped in bacon and drizzled with barbecue sauce, yes, please. Find the recipe on epicurious.

4. Pork loin grilled with fire-roasted pineapple 

Although the fire-roasted pineapple provides a sweet hint of Hawaii, it’s the texture that surprises. The natural juices of the pork loin are light and mouth-watering, and the slightly marinated pineapple bursts with flavor. Find the recipe on epicurious.

3. Best-ever BBQ ribs 

Ribs accommodate both standing and sitting diners, so they’re perfect for outdoor holidays. Ribs secured from an artisan meat marketplace will often provide a tender rib and a much more satisfying flavor. Holiday family and friends will agree on one thing: this recipe lives up to its name! epicurious.

2. Succulent grilled pork tenderloin

Pork tenderloin is an outdoor holiday favorite, and this home recipe helps capture the tenderloin’s succulent tenderness. Because this recipe emphasizes grilled pork with no dressing, it’s best to obtain the pork from an artisan marketplace. Find the recipe on Taste of Home.

1. Grilled pork tenderloin with cherry salsa

Although this favorite will be a hit during any holiday, the cherry salsa creates a visual complement to Christmas. epicurious.

A note on artisan meat marketplaces

Throughout this list of chart-topping pork recipes, one will notice the emphasis on artisan meat marketplaces because even the best recipe is only as good as its ingredients. For grilled pork recipes, it’s best to obtain pork directly from artisan meats marketplace rather than a grocery store.

The reason is that grocery store meats are often mass produced and prepped for profit rather than taste. An artisan meats marketplace such as Smithfield, for instance, offers affordable prices similar to those found at a grocer, but the true focus is adhering to tried-and-true, proprietary curing techniques that preserve the pork flavor and texture. These techniques, passed down over generations, transform normal dinners into delicate cuisine, making for a much more memorable holiday.

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