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Nutrisystem: The Weigh In

Week One
The Tale of the Scale

I’m not going to lie. Watching what you eat is W-O-R-K! Whew!

I love Nutrisystem. The food tastes amazing! My family thinks it smells like sniffs of heaven!

It’s color coded so I can grab and go without any thought.

It’s great.

Week One. The toughest week in any diet.

The first two days on the program I craved bread. I didn’t give in. I stood strong. It passed and I am better for it.

Friday I ran errands with Hubby and the kiddos. There was no school and our errands took far longer than we had anticipated. We weren’t prepared and one of the kiddos insisted on Chile’s for lunch. I selected an item from their Guilt-Free menu, which was a great choice. I did cave in and eat one of the spring rolls and more than a handful of chips. I was disappointed in myself.

I went for a walk to try and erase some self-loathing when we got home.

Then Saturday we celebrated Li’l Man’s birthday (it’s really November 16). I stayed on the Nutrisystem program. The it came time for cake. Oh, have I mentioned I LOVE cake? Especially bakery white cake smeared with buttercream icing. It was a moment of weakness. I ate a 3″x3″ piece of cake and it made me sick! Serves me right. I have Nutrisystem cake that’s portioned out. It doesn’t make my tummy knot up and it most certainly does NOT coat my mouth in layers of grease that no amount of brushing would remove!

This being a Mom, living with other people, is rough! Especially when I’m the one needing to drop the pounds. I am determined to find balance.

I’m drinking water (about 2 gallons a day!), I’m walking 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week and with the exception of spring rolls, chips and cake I’ve been a good girl.

This morning I stood on the scale and it said I gained 27 pounds–from my 214 pound initial weigh in. Now tell me that doesn’t make the emotional eater in you want to finish off the cake and wash it all down with a couple of coca-colas and jug of chocolate milk! I came out of the bathroom crying! My husband weighed himself and then weighed two of the kiddos and then declared, “The scale is dead!” Sure enough every time the same person stands on it, a new weight appears!


I’m using yesterday’s weight as my first weigh in.

Yesterday–Day Six on Nutrisystem I weighed:

207.5 pounds

I lost 6.5 pounds in six days!


This week my challenges were:

-Not being prepared when we were away from home.
-Birthday celebrations
-Dead Scale

This week I found success in:
-walking 30-minutes, five days a week
-drinking lots of water

I really love the Nutrisystem program. I know this week, if I can be more committed, continue to exercise and drink my water I will be successful!
I have been selected to particpate in the Nutrisystem Blogging Program. For the next 5 months I will receive Nutrisystem in order to faciliate an honest review. No other compensation will be given. The opinion are my own and are in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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