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#TokyoTreat February Unboxing

 Ask my kiddos and they’ll tell you, nobody does snacks like Japan. As proof, we partnered with #TokyoTreat for the February.

tokyo treat

Tokyo Treat unboxing. It’s one of the most unique subscription boxes.

Tokyo Treat is filled with new flavor profiles. It is packaged awesomely.

A monthly food subscription box service that sends snacks and candies directly from Japan.  The excitement, for my kiddos, begins when they receive International mail.

#tokyotreat international mail

Tokyo Treat offers three different options for subscription:


  • 5-7 candies
  • $14.99/month


  • same as the small PLUS 3-5 MORE items
  • $24.99/month


  • Same as the small, regular, PLUS 4-6 more items
  • a DIY kit
  • a beverage
  • and a special item
  • $34.99/month

The prices all include shipping!

The February Tokyo Treat box has a Valentine theme.

Each Tokyo Treat box includes a small booklet detailing  the snacks inside the box as well as fun facts about the theme. The booklet also gives my children insight on how things are a done a little differently in Japan–the booklet reads “backward” from Western culture. It opens from the left side and pages are turned left to right.

#tokyotreat booklet

The booklet is handy because all the packaging is written in Japanese. It gives a description of each item, if you don’t like taste surprises. It has illustrated directions for the DIY kits, which are helpful–the picture below shows the instructions ON the DIY kit!

#tokyotreat japan in february

Here’s what is inside:


Nagewa Mentai Mayo Flavour:

This is a limited edition flavor. They look like smooth, small Funyuns but they have a Japanese Mayo flavor. It’s different from Western culture mayonaise.

Dontaco’s Chili Taco Flavoured Chips:

These look like Doritos, and have a similar crunch. These are seasoned with a taco seasoning. They’re on the mild side of spicy.


Grain Gummy:

My kiddos think these look just like jelly beans. The texture is far different. They have a lot of chew, with a slightly hardened candy shell. Everyone loved these.

Collis Strange Gum:

This gum is a lot of fun. It comes in three flavors: Lemon, Strawberry, and Blueberry and as you chew it, it changes to a grape flavor.

String Candy:

This string candy was one of Miss M’s favorite. It looks like long ropes and they are flavored grape and muscat flavor. You can play with it before you eat it, or just enjoy the strands.

Kracie’s Mr Fun Bakery:

Miss M loves the DIY kits and this kit is the second in Kracie’s popular Popin’ Cookin’ series. For this kit you mix candy powder with water to create a strawberry vanilla filling and then use a small piping bag to fill and decorate wafer pieces to create ice cream cones, cookies and cakes. The sprinkles are a fun touch!

Fujiya Peko Poco Chocolate:

The milk chocolate lollipops are absolutely adorable. There is a boy and a girl and they taste delicious!

LOOK Chocolate:

This chocolate is very smooth. It has a strawberry cream filling AND a strawberry jelly, making it the perfect combination of strawberries and chocolate.

Princess’s Lost Treasure:

This soft cookie filled with strawberry jam seems to melt in the mouth. It is really delicious!

Lotte Koume Soft Candy:

Who knew umeboshi means “pickled plum”. Who knew pickled plum was delicious!? Wait until you try this soft candy!

Kiki and Lola Strawberry Crunch:

this one is like Rice Krispie Treats, which you made after you ran the cereal through a food processor. They are more crunchy than gooey and they have a strawberry flavor!

Heart Pocky:

My kiddos aren’t sure where they stand on pocky. I think they like it. These strawberry pocky have a heart shape at the tip. I think they taste like chow mein noodles dipped in strawberry frosting, but I could be wrong.

Good Luck Chopsticks:

These are so much fun. It took us a little bit to figure them out. This is the bonus gift–bamboo chopsticks with a love fortune. Someday my kiddos hope to be efficient in eating with chopsticks so these have been a big hit!

Sweet Red Bean Soup:

No one at my house is brave enough to try this. It looks like soup in the can, but it also may be sweet.

Cream Collon:

These taste like wafer cookies. Only with more filling! They are really good.

#tokyotreat contents

This Tokyo Treat Premium Box is loaded. My family had a lot of fun with this box and I loved that it was educational and authentic. There are items in here exclusive to Japan that we just won’t see in the USA!

The range of snacks in incredible and it was fun to try new flavors. The Valentine theme is fun and well carried out. There is a good mix of sweet and savory, making this a box for anyone’s taste!

Check out the site to order Your #TokyoTreat box, sign up for a subscription and learn more about all the fun!

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