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Tips for Choosing the Right Backpack for Your Child

It’s back-to-school time, and that means shopping for essential school items. While a backpack is the most popular and practical way for children and teenagers to carry their books and school supplies, backpacks that are too heavy or worn incorrectly can cause serious back, neck, and shoulder pain.

When back pain strikes, parents need to be armed with a safe, fast, and natural pain product made just for children – Topricin Junior Pain Relief and Healing Cream.

Topricin Junior is a pediatrician-recommended natural pain relief and healing cream specially formulated for children with 14 safe, natural biomedicines that rapidly target pain. All ingredients work together to support and assist the body to detoxify and stimulate blood flow that increases oxygenation of the skin to speed healing and relieve symptoms of all aches and pains and boo-boos of life.

Topricin Junior’s key active ingredients include arnica for injuries and bruising to the muscles and joints, echinacea to help reduce inflammation, and graphites for most skin conditions.

Tips for Back Safety
Lou Paradise, president and chief of research of Topical BioMedics, offers the following tips for proper backpack safety:

-Make sure backpacks fit properly and have padded backs and straps.

-Children should wear BOTH straps – slinging a backpack over one shoulder can strain muscles.

-Teach your child to pack light only carry what is necessary to avoid any excess weight.

-A backpack should weigh no more than 10% -20% of the child’s body weight.

-The backpack’s straps should fit snuggly over the child’s shoulders.

-Parents should pick up their child’s backpack on a regular basis to gauge its weight.

-Make sure the backpack is positioned on the back between the shoulder and not resting on the child’s lower back or hips.

-Tighten the straps, so the pack sits close to the body.

-Organize the pack carefully and pack the heavier items closet to the center of the back.

-If your child experiences back pain, weakness, or numbness in the arms or legs, be sure to speak with your doctor.

Look for Signs That Signal a Backpack is Too Heavy
Paradise says it is important for parents to look for signs that their child’s back is too heavy and take steps to ensure their child’s back safety.

Signs to look for include:

-A change in your child’s posture when wearing the backpack

-Struggling to put on or take off the backpack

-Pain when wearing the backpack

-Red marks from the shoulder straps after the backpack has been removed.

Topricin Junior Application Instructions
If your child complains about a sore back or muscles, apply Topricin Junior as needed, three inches on and around to the affected area/injury for pain relief. Rub in well until absorbed.

For best results, apply evenings, morning/after bathing, and 3 – 4 or more times during the day as needed.

Features to Look for When Choosing a Backpack
When shopping with your child for a backpack, be sure to look for the following features:

-Two shoulder straps to distribute weight evenly

-Wide, padded shoulder straps that won’t dig into shoulders, causing pain and cutting off circulation

-Padded back provides more comfort and protects children from being poked by sharp objects inside the backpack

-Backpack should be made of durable, lightweight material

-Waist belt to distribute the weight more evenly across the body

-Backpacks with wheels are an excellent choice for students who must tote a heavy load but are less practical for use in snow during the winter months

Topricin Junior’s convenient 1.5-ounce tube (MSRP $12.99) is just the right size to keep on hand when boo-boos happen and can be easily stored in the medicine cabinet, first aid kit, glove compartment, sports bag, or purse.

In addition, Topricin’s ‘Boo Boos Happen’ first aid kit (MSRP $19.99) is a must-have for parents and includes a tube of Topricin Junior and ‘Ouchies’ self-adhesive bandages that kids can decorate themselves, creating a design with the markers that are included. The handy zippered blue bag is perfect for tucking in other essentials and is recyclable.

Topricin Junior is available in pharmacies, natural food stores, and other fine retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Fred Meyer, Wegmans, and other retail stores throughout the U.S. and direct from the Topical BioMedics’ online store.

To learn more about Topricin Junior, go to

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