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The Write Dudes Get Creativity Inked

Mega Brands The Write Dudes

My children amaze me. They have talent beyond my imagination. Take the other day for instance. I received a box from Mega Brands The Write Dudes and it was sitting on the table. Zac came upstairs and said, “What are these?” There was some excitement in his voice and I said, ”

As a frequent Target stores junkie, I’ve seen the Mega Brands in the stationery aisle. They’re packaging and pen designs appeal to the girl in me–I mean we’re talking glitter and metallic gel pens.  My time to test was put on hold as I watched Zac emerge with paper. I heard the cardboard pop as he tore into The Write Dudes pens.
Zac is left-handed and finding writing utensils that don’t smudge beneath his hand has been a life-long challenge. Mega Brands, The Write Dudes seemed a perfect fit. He appreciated how easily the pens glided across the paper. The lines stayed precise as his hand rubbed against the ink placing another line in his artwork.
The Write Dudes
Once Zac had sketched his drawing using The Write Dudes mechanical pencil and their black roller pen, he began adding color.
Zac uses The Write Dudes to Introduce ColorZac was still impressed with the gliding and the flow of the ink. The assortment of colors allowed him to set free his creativity and still be precise in applying the details.
ZacThe finished piece was a fun take on his morning tea addiction.
The finished piceFrom there The Write Dudes and Zac continued to create artwork. He mixed the gel pens with the metallic pens, added their vibrant colors and highlighters and had a day of his own Creation Station.
RussianMy own experience has been adding my own flair to journal entries, addressing envelopes and doodling with the children. The Write Dudes products are a huge his ranging from highlighters, gel pens , wood pencils, mechanical pencils and fashion grips. I love their Super Smooth ballpoint pens. Mostly, I love that they inspire my children to create!
Next time Target is on the errand list, take a detour to view these great writing utensils. There’s something for everyone. In the meantime, connect with The Write Dudes on Facebook and Twitter.

*I received samples of The Write Dudes product line in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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