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The Plumbers Continuing Education Online Course for Renewal of Licenses in Minnesota

The Minnesota Plumbing Continuing Education (CE) can be completed online nowadays. This change was introduced by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MNDLI), and they have also approved the online courses offered by specific providers. 

After the new introduction, you can now access the plumbers continuing online education classes anytime and from any location convenient to you. You can complete the course on your desktop pc, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Once the course is completed, there will be a course completion certificate, which you can print and save for your records. The providers would inform the state on their end about your achievement.  

In 2013, a requirement was introduced in Minnesota about a compulsory CE course consisting of 8 hours for all licensed plumbers every year. It was decided that the Restricted Master plumbers and Master Plumbers should complete the 16 credit hour requirements before their license renewal in December 2014. 

For Restricted Journeyman plumbers and Journeyman plumbers, the 16-hour credit course was to be completed by December 2015. 

Photo of plumber repairing drain.

The providers and course instructors were to get themselves registered and approved by the state to impart training to students. After a student or participant completes a course, the instructor’s responsibility is to inform the same to the Minnesota Department of Labor. This step is required to track the development of plumbers by the State. 

♥ Master plumbers and journeyman plumbers have to complete 16 hours of CE in each 2-year license period.

♥ Apprentices or registered unlicensed plumbers should have to complete a code review course of 2 hours before their annual renewal due in June. Both the credit hours and renewal fees must be submitted before the expiry date of registration. If credit hours exceed 2 hours, it cannot be carried over for the next registration period.

♥ Master plumbers and journeyman plumbers for water conditioning must take 4 hours of CE during the licensing period. Out of these, 4 hours should be devoted to learning either the technology of water conditioning installation and servicing or the Minnesota statutes related to water conditioning.  

♥ Holders of medical gas certificates must complete a 4-hour CE course in each license period. The course should include installing, maintaining, and repairing medical gas systems, Minnesota laws related to the medical gas process, and NFPA 99. 

♥ Backflow prevention testers and rebuilders have to take a plumber CE only if they have a plumber license. Otherwise, CE is not mandatory for them. But they should have a certificate in ASSE 5110 testing or a 5130-repairer certification.

Providers offer a 16-hour plumber continuing online education course for licensed plumbers who need to renew their licenses. The MNDLI approves the course. According to the CE changes for plumbers, there would be two types of credit hours available for plumbers – Plumbing code credit hour and Technical credit hour. The session should consist of:

♥ 12 hours code training

♥ Industry-related training of 4 hours 

The hourly breakup is as follows:

♥ 5-hour module consisting of changes in Minnesota Plumbing Code (MPC)

♥ 3-hour module consisting of the model code

♥ 4-hour module consisting of significant amendments in the 2012 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC)

♥ 2-hour module on plumbers’ safety training related to OSHA

♥ 2-hour module about water heaters

The whole course is divided into several modules according to different subjects:

♥ Safety training for plumbers

This section focuses on plumbing job sites, details about water heaters, etc. it also provides hands-on information about practicing plumbing in Minnesota.

♥ Repeal of provisions from the 2012 Minnesota Plumbing Code (MPC) and looking at the 2015 MPC.

♥ The Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC)

The 2015 MPC is based on this model. This chapter consists of the organization, revision, and application of the UPC. All the changes during 2009-2012 are covered, including the reasons for change and the IAPMO Technical Committees’ explanations. 

There are also case studies from the plumbing industry. The module is designed to help the plumbers understand the structure of the UPC and the revisions.

♥ The licensing rules of Minnesota in brief.

♥ The amendments in the model codes and about the 2012 UPC in detail.

♥ The introduction of the domestic MPC of 2012 and its effect on plumbers.

♥ Technical topics about plumbing installations and equipment 

♥ The Minnesota State Building Code, also known as the Minnesota Statutes, is the governing body for overseeing plumbing work.

License renewal takes place every two years. Before the renewals, plumbers are required to complete a minimum of 8 hours of the code review course and another 8 hours of either code review or technical or other courses. 

There should be 16 hours of CE, which has to be completed within 31st December of the renewal cycle year. For Master plumbers, the renewal is in even years, and for journeyman plumbers, the renewal is due on odd years. This rule applies to all plumbers, irrespective of restricted or licensed plumbers. 


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