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The Cascade Complete Pac Challenge

One Messy Casserole Dish, One Cascade Complete Pac

Who Will Win?

Cascade is so excited to have earned a Best New Product Award from Better Homes and Gardens magazine that they’d like you to put their product to the test.

The Challenge:

Recently I took the Cascade Pac Challenge and put Cascade Complete to the test.

I was asked to make Alex McCord’s Potatoes au Gratin et Moutarde recipe for the challenge. It was a simple dish packed with cream and cheese…lots of cheese.

Once the Potatoes au Gratin was devoured–they went quickly–I was left with a casserole dish with a baked-on crust of cheese and cream.

Cascade’s Challenge asked me NOT to presoak or do anything with the dish, aside from put in my dishwasher. Seriously! I don’t think Cascade knows my dishwasher is a 1990s model and on a good day still leaves food on the dishes if we don’t prewash by hand, but I follow the rules, so I tossed the dish in…and while I was at it, I thought, what the heck? I’m not going to prewash ANY of the dinner dishes, so they went in along with the prepare dinner dishes.

I placed the Cascade Power Pac in the little dispenser. I’d like just to say here that these pacs are CUTE. I love how the color swirls.

The dishwasher was closed and left to do its thing.

Once the cycle was finished, I returned and opened the dishwasher.

It was like Geraldo opening Al Capone’s Vault.

I kid you not, there was NOTHING there–not a single speck of crusted cheese and cream!

Even my plastics were sparkling.

I had no idea they could still be clear!

I’m impressed by the Cascade Complete Pac.

It goes to prove that dynamite comes in small packages!

Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPacs Features :

■Powers Away 24 Hour Stuck-On Food
■Pre-treating Power
■Fast Action
■Rinse Aid Action
■Grease Fighting Power

Are you up for the Cascade Complete Pac Challenge?

I received product to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinons are my own. They were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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